CJK Font Server

KanHan Technologies Limited provides very unique capabilities of Hanzi Language & Platform Independent Web Serving and thin client technologies (collectively termed "HanWEB"); the client's device requires only an Internet browser. The user visits web pages hosted in or re-directed by the kanhan servers, all the CJK contents will be delivered to the user's browser in absolute fidelity.

KanHan Technologies Limited aims to overcome weaknesses created by present web browser technology in handling CJK languages, the fact that the present technology relies on local system that the browser runs on to provide the CJK languages software for viewing and input. The shortcomings of such approach can be summarized as follows


-Loss of the Unique Web-based Platform (& Language) Independent Advantage
-No Guarantee of Verbatim Access to CJK Contents, e.g. Unable to Support Non-standard Local Language Requirements such as Cantonese Dialectal Characters
-Costly and Lengthy Asian Localization Required by Web Appliances for Display and Input of Asian characters e.g. WAP Phone, Set-top Box, Web Pad
-Restricted Typographic and Input Method Support
-Require Special Plug-in and Client Side Programs to Access Non-HTML based Legacy Documents


HanFont Server

The patented HanFont Server first identifies text information on a particular web page through HanWEB Parser and then intelligently, dynamically downloads font data to a web browser for viewing by replacing each character code in the page with an unique URL address to a graphic image corresponding to that character shape.

Using web server powered by HanFont Server, content providers are rest assured their pages be correctly displayed on a web browser and web surfers do not have to concern equipping their devices with language software for viewing CJK contents in their desktop PCs. Best of all, most of the existing web pages do not have to be retrofitted for HanFont Server. Further more, developers of web appliances will save substantially for not having to provision for the CJK interface, dramatically shortening the product development cycle for the CJK markets.

HanFont Server turns off-the-shelve CJK fonts automatically on server side into graphic image for web designers to liven up the page appearance with fancy font styles, creating a typographic rich web environment.