Introducing HanWEB Publishing Server2.0 is releasing its inaugural product:- HanWEB Publishing Server2.0. This server provides Internet Content Providers and commercial websites a plug & play solution to the following problems.

  • How to develop and maintain a website most cost-effectively catered for global Chinese communities in both simplified and traditional Chinese from a single source of content?
  • How to ensure content feeds with non-standard Chinese characters such as those in Cantonese dialect be accurately viewed by standard Chinese browsers supporting onlyBig5 and GB encoding schemes?
  • How can aChinese website be viewed in any Internet devices with only English capability like a English PC or a set-top box?

HanWEB PublishingServer is a plug & play solution that when linked to a Chinese website,will provide the following functions requiring no change to the original website.

  1. It automatically translates all website content from the original Chinese to the other Chinese according to a context rules database of characters and phrases. All hyperlinks, log-in and search functions are maintained.
  2. It automatically identifies the non standard Chinese characters and converts them into GIFformat view-able on Chinese browsers with no corresponding font installed.
  3. It even converts the whole website into a kanhan patent pending format for viewing on most non-Chinese browsers on PC, Mac, Linux and other web appliances. No plug-in or any special client program is required to be downloaded.

HanWEB PublishingServer presents to ICPs a breakthrough technology of reaching out to the global Chinese communities with only minimal investment.