kanhan.com facilitate tdctrade.com communicating with Global Chinese communities

tdctrade.com is the virtual business information hub in Hong Kong, China and Asia. Inline with its commitment to provide visitors with the most comprehensive business information and to promote Hong Kong as a gateway to China, tdctrade.com has recently empowered with the simplified Chinese version using kanhan.com HanWEB Publishing Server 2.0.

With our plug and play online translation and publishing solution, simplified Chinese version of tdctrade.com is built overnight. Content of tdctrade.com, together with real-time data provided by its strategic information partners (e.g. Quamnet.com and Airport Authority), are translated from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese by our real time context-rules based translation engine for maximum accuracy allowed by machine translation.

From now on, by maintaining and updating the traditional Chinese version of tdctrade.com, the simplified Chinese version can be built by HanWEB Publishing Server 2.0 automatically. Obviously, with the empowerment, cost on manpower and maintenance can be greatly reduced. Please visit tdctrade.com (http://www.tdctrade.com) and click on the simplified Chinese button to see how HanWEB Publishing Server 2.0 can help you communicate with Asia.