kanhan launches HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway - the ultimate Chinese Language Interface for Internet Publishing

[27th Sep, 2000 - HONG KONG] - kanhan.com, the world's leader in server based Asian language communication software development, is launching the "HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway - kanhan.com" during the Asian IT EXPO 2000 held in Hong Kong from 27th to 30th September.

The HanWEB Gateway is planned and built to fulfill Hong Kong SAR Government's vision of positioning Hong Kong to be the global Internet hub for Chinese content and to facilitate the communication among global Chinese communities.

Built on kanhan's patented HanWEB technology, the Gateway serves as an Internet resource center for Chinese information scattered in different Chinese speaking regions, including, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore covering Government, Academic, Newspapers & Magazines, Traveling and major Information Portals in its beginning.

Depending on location of the Internet users, Chinese websites are to be converted into their own favorite Chinese characters, e.g. a Hong Kong user is able to view a simplified Chinese website from China in traditional Chinese by using the real-time online translation engine provided on HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway.

HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway also enables Internet users to view non-standard Chinese characters defined as the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) by Hong Kong SAR Government without having to download any font software. HKSCS comprises 4700 non-frequently used characters not defined in traditional Chinese computer systems such as Microsoft Windows.

For users without Chinese language capability in their Internet devices, HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway even converts the websites into a GIF version for guaranteed viewing on any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

In addition, HanWEB Gateway is a communication platform that global Chinese can benefit from its web-based email and chat room services. HanWEB email provides users' access to their own Chinese, Japanese and Korean messages from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. HanWEB chat room allows simplified Chinese users to chat with traditional Chinese users as if the are using the same Chinese character.

When HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway is being used as a viewing pedestal to Internet, it will bring to users the convenience of online dictionary and search function without having to leave the web page currently viewed. Simply high-lighting a word in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean websites and clicking the HanWEB Online Dictionary icon, the Gateway will automatically bring you the most popular online dictionaries and search engines to find out the meaning and related topics of the word. No fussy of software download is required and view-able from any web enabled device anywhere in the world.

HanWEB Chinese Information Gateway is the first of its kind breaking down the communication barriers created by the different kinds of Chinese characters and technologies among global Chinese communities. It is an exemplary site to the power of HanWEB technologies as well as to demonstrate how Hong Kong can evolve into a global Chinese Internet hub using HanWEB technologies.