kanhan receives technology patent from SAR - a milestone for local Internet technology development

[27th September, 2000 - HONG KONG] - kanhan.com, the world's leader in server based Asian language communication software development for Internet, is pleased to receive its first technology patent (Hong Kong Patent Number HK1024380) from Hong Kong SAR Government.

The patent protects kanhan.com's innovative technology of an Internet based Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) font server - coined HanWEB technology.

HanWEB is a suite of web server based technology components that allow CJK characters be dynamically downloaded to browsers for viewing, thus ridding the dependence on viewers' operating system to provide the language interface. Such technology allows unlimited CJK characters and style support to browsers of diverse Internet connected devices including most PCs (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile phones, set-top box, screen phone and other Internet appliances. It is effectively a new CJK language platform for the Internet and is critical to the development of many future CJK Internet applications such as e-books and Internet appliances (IA).

Typical and potential applications of HanWEB font server includes:

  • Web based messaging services becomes multilingual view-able anywhere on any device.
  • Worldwide hospitality industry provides Internet access services with CJK language capabilities for Asian business travelers.
  • Enterprise websites deliver verbatim CJK content to local and overseas viewers accessible from any Internet devices
  • IA developers produce only one model for CJK market.
  • CJK language publishers develop e-book for publishing on the Internet using only standard browsers

Under the auspices of Hong Kong SAR Government's Patent Application Grant administered by the Innovation and Technology Commission, the HanWEB technology has also been filed for patent application in the U.S.A, Taiwan and China.