kanhan launches DYXNet HanWEB Dedicated Hosting Package Enabling Chinese websites to reach global Chinese communities instantly

[18 October, 2000 - Hong Kong] - kanhan.com, the world's leading provider of server-based language technologies for the Internet, launches ASP (Application Services Provider) service for its DYXNet HanWEB Dedicated Hosting Package with Diyixian.com Limited, the leading Greater China IP carrier. The ASP service enables Chinese ICPs, portals and e-commerce websites to reach audiences in global Chinese communities with a plug-and-play online translation and publishing solution.

kanhan.com technologies enable Chinese communities to access Chinese content from a host of web-ready devices--including the PC, Mac, Unix/Linux computers, web phones, mobile phones, set-top boxes, and other emerging information appliances-without the device or browser having to be specially configured or equipped to support the user's language of choice.

Lap Man, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Diyixian.com said, "we are very pleased to cooperate with kanhan.com and to our delight, the feedback is quite satisfactory. Diyixian.com is the first and the leading Greater China IP Carrier. Covering Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Diyixian.com offers reliable high-speed Internet solutions to Internet Content Providers (ICPs), online traders, multimedia web content users and etc. With this DYXNet HanWEB Dedicated Hosting Package launched by Diyixian.com and kanhan.com, Chinese websites can reach global Chinese communities instantly, whose target customers fit with that of Diyixian.com exactly. We are looking forward to having another opportunity to launch other service packages so that more corporations can enjoy our services."

With HanWEB Publishing Server 2.0, contents such as news articles and other similar information, together with any type of real-time data delivered via the web, can be translated automatically and transparently from traditional (simplified) Chinese to simplified (traditional) Chinese by HanWEB's real-time rule-based and database-driven engine. Most importantly, HanWEB guarantees delivery of every single Chinese character to any browser. With minimum investment and no additional programming effort, any Chinese website can be ready in no time to deliver its content to global Chinese communities.

To users who are using non-Chinese browsers, the technology also enables any Chinese character including Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) to be downloaded individually in a graphic format, so that now users can access Chinese content from any browser and any Internet device anywhere in the world. This innovative technology has been granted with patent in Hong Kong (No. HK1024380) with funding received from the Patent Application Grant administered by Hong Kong SAR Government's Innovation and Technology Commission.

By incorporating HanWEB Publishing Server 2.0, customers can significantly reduce their investment in software programming, web-content management, and additional server hardware for different language versions of the same content.

Besides providing HanWEB in ASP format, in which client can choose to rent specific components and elements of the product, HanWEB is also made available through a one-off license format.