Chinese Portals Embrace Worldwide Chinese Viewers

Hong Kong, 30 Aug 2001 -, the Hong Kong based advance technology company for future communications, is announcing two new clients, in Hong Kong ( and ( in Mainland China. The two portals have just adopted the company's innovating http/https server software - HanWEB Publishing Server to embrace worldwide Chinese viewers.

In case you may not know, there are two Chinese writing systems - Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, both are official, to different Chinese political powers. Mainland China is using Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and most overseas Chinese communities are using Traditional Chinese. For years, the difference between the two systems has been obstructing the communication between Chinese communities. Now the difference has extended to the Internet, as most Chinese Websites only have one writing system. Viewers of the other system are being kept away.

The software offers an advantage to and over their rivals, which is to include the two Chinese writing systems onto their Websites simultaneously. "Our software helps Chinese portals to communicate with worldwide viewers in a most cost effective way", said Lawrence Mo, CEO of Mo explained that the technology reduces the heavy cost in Chinese portal development. Past methods include labor-intensive style of maintaining Chinese Websites in both writing systems. Now the software does the work. Chinese Websites only need to prepare their Websites in one writing system, the software will automatically and real time builds another version, suiting the taste of all Chinese viewers.

Such kind of software was unprecedented to the market until last summer. The software's cost effective, reliable and plug & play features helped the company developing a huge customer database rapidly. The company believes more and more companies will turn to the software in this harsh market winter.