KGI Launches New On Line Chinese Language Service For Clients

Hong Kong, 24 Oct 2001 -, the global leader in Asian language infrastructure development for the Internet, announced it is providing proprietary Chinese Website translation (Big5 <> GB) technology to regional financial services provider KGI Asia Ltd.'s ('KGI') Website ( This new service has as a result strengthened KGI's online services for clients requiring such a service.

The technology, named "HanWEB Publishing Server" provides real time and accurate translation between Big5 and GB for Chinese Websites. The plug and play technology requires no changes to the original Website and produces GB version of the Big5 version Website in real time. KGI needs only to maintain the original Big5 version and has the GB version simultaneously.

The "HanWEB" technology offers an advantage to KGI over their competitors who mostly have only one version for their Websites. With China entering the WTO at the end of 2001, the financial market is expecting and preparing for a much heavier information flow between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

The "HanWEB" has been adopted by dozens of international companies, government agencies and e-business Websites worldwide. Interested parties can visit or to find out more details of the technology.

KGI Asia Ltd.

KGI is one of the foremost providers of financial services in Asia. Multi-faceted, KGI thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit and operates both traditional and on-line financial services. Its comprehensive and growing range of innovative products and services include brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, IPOs, placements, bonds and funds that facilitate investors gaining access to regional and global markets.

With operations spanning across Hong Kong, China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, and an asset base exceeding USD 6 billion, KGI has over 2,000 professionals in over 60 offices across Asia serving more than 500,000 clients.