kanhan.com won IT Excellence Award

[Hong Kong, 29 Jan 2002] kanhan.com Limited, the global leader in Asian language infrastructure development for the Internet, received the prestigious 2001 IT Excellence Award from Hong Kong Computer Society on 29 Jan, 2002.

This is the second major award kanhan won in 2001. The first one is 2001 Hong Kong Awards for Industry - HKSTP Technological Achievements Award honored to kanhan by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park in last November.

Judging panel at the Hong Kong Computer Society described that kanhan’s innovative and patented server-side language technology provides a solution to long standing problems in handling Chinese on the Internet. The technology is a reflection of a deep knowledge of Chinese fonts, the Internet environment and real needs in between. kanhan is a company with a dynamic culture that has enabled the creation of a number of profitable products.

“The award is a great encouragement to kanhan", said Lawrence Mo, CEO of kanhan. "It reminds people that local companies can come up with world class technology.”

The company’s product HanWEB Publishing Server is the realization of seamless communication across linguistic and cultural boundaries among Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) language speakers. HanWEB Publishing Server is the world’s most comprehensive “CJK” Internet language infrastructure which helps CJK Web sites deliver single format content to end users in diverse formats through PCs, Web phones, mobile phones, conventional telephones, set-top boxes, Web TVs, PDAs, or even Fax machines.

kanhan is one of the very few start-up companies founded at the height of Internet fever in the end of 1999 that can successfully find a market for its innovations in the Greater China regions. The young and energetic company has won over 50 prestigious clients in slightly over a year's time, including Hong Kong Trade Development Council, HKSAR Department of Justice, Hong Kong Observatory, Business Netvigator, AndyLau.com, Capital Net (China), Beijing Government Land Resources Office, Taiwan Government Information Office, PC Home, and Formosa Plastics Group.