HanWEB Publishing Server To Stage Its Debut on SAR Government Websites

(Hong Kong, November 15, 2002)- Kanhan Technologies Group Limited ("Kanhan Technologies" or "the Group") today announced its HanWEB Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translation Technology had successfully gained full support from the SAR government to provide accurate real-time Simplified-Traditional Chinese translation on all government websites, including the Census and Statistics Department, Department of Justice, Food and Environment Hygiene Department, Transport Department and Water Supplies Department, etc.

Kanhan Technologies is principally engaged in the introduction of two main products, namely the HanWEB Publishing Server and HanVOICEoice Server, of which the patented HanWEB Font Technology is one of the main features of the HanWEB Publishing Server.

Besides the translation from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese and vice versa, the patented font technology of the Group can also translate different languageChinese, Japanese and Korean characters into graphics. Users benefit from not having to acquire Chinese, Japanese and Korean enabling software for their browser software and from being able to view Chinese, Japanese and Korean content anywhere, anytime with any Web-enabled devices.

Given the ideographic characteristics of the Chinese language, the HanWEB Publishing Server has provided an excellent key to solve the communication and translation problems arising from different Chinese inputs. With its plug and play feature, content management has never been so easy and simple. All maintenance and updates, including content, design and programming are only made in one version, sparing enterprises huge sums of money.

Though with only a short history of 3 years, Kanhan Technologies has received significant attention from large corporate clients and government bodies. Many government bodies, including the Education and Manpower Bureau, the Information Technology Services Department, the General Office of the Chief Executive and the Trade Development Council have all equipped with the Group's HanWEB Publishing Server to provide accurate real-time Simplified-Traditional Chinese translation to viewers, bridging the language gap between different Chinese communities.

Commenting on the achievements of the Group, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lawrence Mo, said, "Given our Group's short history, I am very pleased that our Group's product has received such an encouraging market response. With the PRC's accession to the World Trade Organization and the broader use of e-commerce within the region, business contacts between the PRC and other Asian countries is expected to experience a significant increase. Leveraging on our HanWEB product, enterprises can provide accurate and real-time Simplified-Traditional Chinese translation for their web contents, maintaining a close relationship with their Chinese clients. I am confident that we can benefit from the immense market opportunities ahead and generate substantial profits."