HKITF, KanHan and HKBN to launch "SARS Info-Line"

[Hong Kong, May 9, 2003] KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced its joint co-operation with the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation ("HKITF") and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited ("HKBN") to launch the "SARS Info-Line" to provide 24-hour free SARS updates on a real-time basis. The hotline provides an easy and effective way for the general public to keep abreast of the latest infected cases and infected buildings in the region, while staying alert and implementing related precautious measures. This project is jointly organized by KanHan, HKITF and HKBN. HKBN provides hosted PC service and 16 free telephone lines for support, while InfoTalk Corporation Limited provides support to the text-to-speech technology for the hotline services.

The "SARS Info-Line" incorporates InfoTalk Corporation Limited’s unique text-to-speech technology to link up related SARS information, including new and accumulated infected and death cases, new infected buildings, etc. to KanHan’s text-to-speech platform. the 24-hour free hotline is available in both Cantonese and Putonghua. Its unique Q&A service provides a useful channel for people to receive reliable SARS information and take related precautions accordingly. Its message box also enables users to express their personal feelings towards the epidemic, which will then be uploaded to related website. ( Most importantly, users can listen to the latest 8 headlines of SARS from the Internet.

Unlike the usual hotline services, the "SARS Info-Line" aims to provide the latest, the quickest and the most reliable SARS information. Once it is set-up, the latest SARS information will automatically be updated 24 hours a day according to the latest related web content, achieving a better use of money and human resources. The hotline also links up to other government hotlines in relation to the epidemic, unloading the difficulties for enquiry and pushing forward a more effective information exchange.

The "SARS Info-Line" is jointly organized by HKITF, KanHan and HKBN. InfoTalk Corporation Limited is the Sponsor. The project is also supported by the Information Technology Services Department (ITSD), the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Office of Sin Chung Kai. This project is meaningful in that it not only showcases the genuine support of the IT circle to the SARS fight, but also provides an effective channel for SARS updates to raise health awareness.

Mr. Charles Mok, President of the HKITF, said, "As one of the members of the Hong Kong IT industry, I am pleased to work with KanHan to introduce the "SARS Info-Line". I am pleased to offer my whole-hearted support to the SARS fight. I also believe that this project will receive tremendous response from the general public."

Mr. Lawrence Mo, CEO of KanHan, said, "Starting from last week, we have been testing the performance of the hotline in terms of both reliability and information updates, which turns out to be a great success. We are confident that the hotline will receive positive response from the general public when it is launched next Monday. The free hotline service is scheduled to provide a 2-month service; however, services may be extended according to the response and seriousness of the epidemic."

Mr. Ricky Wong, Chairman of HKBN showed a sincere support to the project. He said, "HKBN owns a self-constructed IP network platform, aiming at delivering quality fixed network services at competitive prices. Through offering technical support to the hotline, we wish to provide the public an easy access to the latest SARS information, but it also helps enormously to alleviate the overwhelming pressure on government hotlines. As one of the members of the HK telecommunications industry, we have the social responsibility to make use of our strength to serve the community better."

Mr. Louis Chong, Vice President of InfoTalk Corporation Limited, added, "The SARS fight has generated tremendous support of the HK community. As a local IT company, we are pleased to offer our support to the SARS fight by working closely with HKITF, KanHan and HKBN to provide our text-to-speech technology in the project. We believe in unity to fight against SARS."

Mr. Sin Chung Kai, Legco Member added, "The SARS hotline provides not only an easy access to the latest SARS information, but it also provides an efficient channel for other related government services, further speeding up information exchange. I think it is a very meaningful project."

"SARS Info-Line":(852) 3561 1111