Launching of Digital Voice Library Building a Digital Inclusive Society

[October 28, 2003, Hong Kong] KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today launched a ceremony for the world's first Digital Voice Library system to the visually impaired persons (VIP). Further to the KanHan's award winning HanPhone computer system, the Group successfully initiates the powerful digital voice system, which enables VIP and under-privileged communities to overcome information gap via phone enabled technology.

Historically, VIP are limited to touch-reading and pre-programmed materials in gaining information in text format. Now, the limitation goes away. Thanks to the KanHan's award winning text-to-speech technologies. Braille books can now be converted into text for input into the HanPhone system for real time conversion via voice listening by phone or otherwise, available in Cantonese, Putonghua or English.

HanPhone allows VIP accessing text contents from the information highway much easier, as it enables HTML based contents to playback in voice to telephone users in real time, in some cases via Internet.

According to Mr. Sin Chung Kai, member of Legislative Council (Information Technology), said, "The digital voice library for VIP is a right step forward for the government in breaking the digital barrier. I urge the government to devote more resources in expanding such technology to servicing other under-privileged communities in Hong Kong."

Instead of going through time consuming recording method, HanPhone technology enables instant voice playback over telephones to access the latest information through the Internet.

Mrs. Grace Chan, JP, Chief Executive of the HKSB pointed out, "It is definitely a good news for the VIP that what they hear is synchronous with content server. Whenever there are changes in the web page, the HanPhone changes without re-programming. Unlike existing systems require re-programming on insertion and deletion of contents, allowing little flexibility in building links to contents, HanPhone's HTML special programming environment allows contents to be linked multi-directionally, simply using numeric telephone keypad without limitation."

Apart from the innovative Digital Voice Library, the functional and highly reliable HanPhone can be implemented to telemarketing programs and real time information delivery, which rivals the interactive voice response (IVR) application. The application of this cost effective and versatile system is endless: phone banking, stock quotes, real time news, reservation systems, email access, languages training, traffic news, and weather information. The basic need is a HTML or website content and there is no pre-recording requirement.

Currently, KanHan plans to launch a number of HanPhone applications and initiatives. Applications include football game information, education and language training. Since the legalization of local soccer gambling, KanHan expects its information line business to be one of the key revenue lines of the group.

Mr. Lawrence Mo, CEO of KanHan said, "The football information phone leads the way for KanHan's HanPhone vertical applications. The football hotline includes useful information such as football news, game schedule and odds for soccer lover." He said that the FOC trial period commenced on October 25 and paid-phone service will start in mid November. Language training and education HanPhone business will follow right after the football information launch. He continued, "We strongly believe that the group will achieve better results and rapid business growth in the coming year, generating satisfactory returns to our shareholders."