KanHan announces latest agreement with ShangHai's IMON Technology co. Ltd. for distribution of KanHan's patented text-to-speech and text conversion platforms in the PRC

[November 4, 2003, Hong Kong] - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group has entered an agreement ("the agreement") with Imon Technology Co., Ltd. ("Imon") for the distribution of the Group's patented products (HanPhone, HanVOICE and HanWEB ) in Eastern China starting from 31st October, 2003.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Lawrence Mo, CEO of KanHan said, "We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Imon for the distribution of KanHan's patented products in PRC. The new relationship enables us to build an effective channel penetrating into the huge PRC market. It also marks an important milestone for the Group. Leveraging Imon's distribution network and major customer connection, we are confident that our business will be further enhanced in PRC."

KanHan's HanWEB Publishing Server uses a dynamic database enhanced with a system of several thousand rules to ensure accurate real-time translation between Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

KanHan's other flagship product, HanVOICE and HanPHONE Servers are real-time Text-to-Speech platform available in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. A database is used to generate accurate intonation of Chinese characters relating to its context. Website content is also accessible through fixed line and mobile phones in either Cantonese, Putonghua or English.

In October, the Group began to deploy its HanPHONE technology on vertical applications such as football information line and language trainings with details to be announced in due course. Beijing City Government, China Southern Airlines, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, HSBC, the City University of Hong Kong and the Taiwan Foreign Affairs Office are examples of KanHan's major customers.