KanHan partners with ESDlife to provide web-to-speech online Putonghua training

(Hong Kong, December 4, 2003) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group has partnered with ESDlife (www.esdlife.com) to market the Web-to-Speech Putonghua (PTH) training.

Under the arrangement, KanHan will provide PTH training to the customers of ESDlife using Web-to-Speech (WTS) technologies. WTS technologies use the voice engine to reproduce human voices based on selected text input. The training service provides subscribers with the most convenient and comprehensive features in PTH training by using WTS technologies and dynamic content curriculum. Apart from the pre-set content of PTH training, KanHan will work with ESDlife to feature online updates of content to provide dynamic training to learners who can get acquaintance with the new language through materials retrieved from latest issues. Using the WTS technologies, content can be passed into the voice engine for proper PTH pronunciations. Both KanHan and ESDlife will decide vertical industrial PTH training content. Using the ESDlife platform, the training business can be reached by a wide online community and consumers can subscribe the training kits via ESDlife's fast and secure payment gateway.

Since KanHan is an industrial leader in the simple and traditional Chinese translation engine, the translation service will be provided to the subscribers free-of-charge. This training kit will be available to the market during mid December.

Referring to the arrangement, Mr. Lawrence Mo, Chief Executive Officer of KanHan said, "We are pleased to work with ESDlife and will continue to explore additional business in the training and education arena."

Mr Tony Ma, Chief Operating Officer of ESDlife, said, "We are exciting that our customers can access this latest online training solution via our one-stop e-business platform. We will strive to provide more innovative services to the online community in Hong Kong."

About KanHan Technologies Group Limited

KanHan, listed on the GEM Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2003, is a global leader in Asian language enabling technology for wireless and wired devices. Its hardware focus includes PDA, PCs and 2G to 3G mobile phones. Its flagship products include HanWEB, HanPHONE and HanVOICE. KanHan has a large customer base in government bodies, large commercial and non-commercial enterprises in PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Group has been awarded the Hong Kong Awards for Industry, the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Certificate of Merit in Technological Achievement, 2002, the Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Federation of Hong Kong Industries Consumer Product Design Awards, 2002 and the Hong Kong Computer Society: IT Excellence Product Silver Award 2001.

About ESDlife

ESDlife is the award winning bilingual portal conceived and designed with the objective of delivering government and commercial services via a highly secure and convenient on-line electronic platform. Operated and managed by ESD Services Limited, an e-commerce operation of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, www.esdlife.com is the host of the "Electronic Service Delivery" Scheme - a core component of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's "Digital 21" information technology strategy