KanHan Provides Brand New IVRS to Octopus Offering More Effective and Efficient Information Processing capabilities

KanHan Technologies Limited ("the Company") has entered into an agreement with Octopus Cards Limited ("Octopus") for providing a brand new Interactive Voice Response System ("IVRS"). The new system is still under trial and is currently used for customer registration on Octopus “Rewards on the go” monthly lucky draw programs. Participants only need to register with one Octopus card once in order to participate in the monthly lucky draws. From April onwards, the lucky draw will be held once every two weeks, and will take place twice every month. The IVRS will provide a simple and easy way to register for the lucky draws.

Popularly used in Hong Kong, Octopus records a daily average of over 8 million transactions, involving HK$55 million in value. Most of the public transport modes, including buses and minibuses, have already accepted payments by Octopus. In addition, most of the large-scale chain stores such as supermarkets, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants are also gradually accepting Octopus for payment, setting a new trend of payment in Hong Kong.

At present, over 10 million Octopus cards have been issued. The new system, through the support of KanHan's HanPHONE technology, allows millions of Octopus card users to do registration through fixed line telephones or mobile phones to join the lucky draw programs. It is expected that the system can be further extended to a larger scale of data and information processing in the future.

Mr. Lawrence Mo, Chief Executive Officer of the Group said, "We are delighted to enter into co-operation with Octopus, which further testifies to our achievements in technological research and market recognition. Most importantly, this is the first time our IVRS is outsourced by a corporate client, marking an important step forward in our continued effort to integrate into the retail sectors. The system is expected to play an essential role in large-scale and effective information processing for prize redemptions and marketing, solving problems in the former system, which is already overloaded."