KanHan launches world's first Chinese version of JAWS screen reader breaks information access barriers for the vision impaired

([-] August, 2004 - Hong Kong) ¢w KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Company Limited ("the Company") has successfully launched the world's first Chinese version of JAWS screen reader . This screen reader not only helps in breaking the information access barrier for the vision impaired, but it also helps to solve the plaque problem for the vision impaired in using computers, giving real benefits to them at work, in study and growth and helping them to integrate in the community. The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Ebenezer School ¡® Home for the Visually Impaired, the Education and Manpower Bureau, the City University of Hong Kong, Pui Kiu Middle School, the Macau Caritas Library, CyberPort and individual vision impaired users are among the first users of the product, which can significantly enhance the ability of the vision impaired in using electronic communication and information technology.

The usage of computer is gaining popularity among different sectors including in business operations. A lot of businesses today need to rely on Chinese computer programmes including Chinese word processing, WORD, Excel and PowerPoint applications, email, as well as searching for information on the Internet, etc. As conventional application software has no provision for the vision impaired, it has been difficult for them to use the computer. A set of professional Chinese software for the vision impaired will greatly enhance their competitiveness in the market, enabling them to use the computer as normal persons and significantly enhancing their efficiency at work, and in study and daily life.

Besides promising convenience for the vision impaired, before the introduction of JAWS, only the vision impaired who were also English literate were able to efficiently use the computer; while those without English training or the elderly were barred from using the computer. The Chinese JAWS product removes this barrier for the previously deprived. It can also create short-cut keys for frequently used programmes or websites, saving users' time in searching for information. Besides, the programmes and technical support the software provides are also useful to the users.

JAWS is the most popular and advanced screen reader software in the world with sales of over 100,000 around the world. Supporting various languages, it is the most convenient operational tool on the computer for the vision impaired. Combining speaker function and braille display, the screen reader is a software which decodes information in various forms such as images, graphs, text, symbols and key controls, and communicate them through speech or braille. Its targeted users are the vision impaired and the elderly. JAWS is a tool designed for those who can use the computer yet are unable to receive visual information on the screen. With its help, text on the screen will be translated either into speech or braille, hence easing the surfing of Chinese websites for the vision impaired.

Developed by KanHan Technologies Company Limited, the Chinese JAWS is the only comprehensive Chinese-English screen reading system available in the market, which combines the professional Chinese and English speech technology and braille display. It supports Cantonese, Putonghua and English language.

Commenting on the successful launch of the new product, Mr. Lawrence Mo, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said, "We are glad to the successful development and launch of the world's first Chinese version of JAWS, the fruit of our continuous efforts over the past year. It helps to remove the barrier limiting access of information for the minority communities in Hong Kong, especially the vision impaired and the elderly, in agreement with the trend of creating a digitally harmonious world. As a member of the local information technology industry, the Group takes pride in being able to contribute to the local community. Looking ahead, the Company will focus on developing more new products, applying its cutting edge technologies."

The brand new Chinese JAWS fully supports all popular Microsoft Windows application including Microsoft Window XP, Microsoft Office XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, FTP,Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express and DOS applications, etc., with no special setting requirement. Additionally, the Company also provides free product upgrades for Chinese JAWS, hotline enquiry, email support and resources information services on the Internet (http://www.kanhan.com/sales/jaws), etc.