KanHan Granted China Patent on HanWEB Technology

(Hong Kong, May 3, 2005) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group has been informed by the Chinese patent office that the application for patent on HanFont Server technology, a critical component in KanHan's flagship HanWEB Publishing Server prodcut, has been approved on April 1, 2005 under the application number 00126309.9.

The same technology was also granted the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region patent under HK Patent No. 1024380.HanFont server is a suite of web server based technology components that allow Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) characters be dynamically downloaded to browsers for viewing, thus ridding the dependence on viewers' operating system to provide the language interface. Such technology allows unlimited CJK characters and style support to browsers of diverse Internet connected devices including most PCs and mobile phones. HanFont Server also provides the solution in viewing infrequently and dialectal characters not defined in common operating systems. It also provides a mechanism in preserving non-corresponding traditional Chinese character shape when translating traditional to simplified Chinese characters.