Yahoo Hong Kong Adopt HanVoice Web-to-Speech Technology

(Hong Kong, July 22, 2005) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group has entered partnership agreement with Yahoo to launch speech enabled applications in its Hong Kong portal extensible to its counterparts in China and Taiwan. The first application was launched on July 21 in its popular Chinese-English dictionary channel at The HanVoice web-to-speech platform provides real-time pronunciation to the words defined in the dictionary using computer generated text-to-speech technology requiring no special software in users’ browser. Yahoo’s adoption of HanVoice technology further acknowledges KanHan’s innovation and leading role in providing speech platform supporting the real-time conversion of Internet based information to English, Putonghua and Chinese speech accessible through standard PC browsers and conventional telephones. The adoption also echoes HanVoice’s winning of 2004 Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology Award.

In addition to the technology acknowledgement, the Yahoo dictionary page prominently displays KanHan as a technology supplier and hyper-links to KanHan’s increasingly fashionable Putonghua e-learning portal at We are optimistic the increased exposure of the e-learning portal will result in gradual growth on the retail side of the learning business which targets the more than one million white collar worker community in Hong Kong. To our observation, this community is lacking an online structured Putounghua learning program and language tools in facilitating their daily China trade related correspondences. The learning portal fills the vacuum featuring a unique virtual Putonghua teacher that can turn any input text into Putonghua, Cantonese and English speech in real time.