Innovative HanPhone Helps Hospital Authority Reduce Outpatient Service Waiting Time

(October 28, 2005 - Hong Kong) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Company Limited ("the Company") was awarded to supply an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to Hospital Authority due to be launched in November with over 100 voice and fax lines in the full-blown system.


Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food Dr. York Chow said publicly in July this year there would be measures to combat the chronic long waiting time problem in Hospital Authority¡¦s general outpatient clinics. One measure is to introduce a telephone based pilot IVR system to allow patients booking appointment in advance. The pilot IVR system for appointment booking was put up for bidding in September requiring stringent system functionalities, industry standard compliant and extensible technology to be delivered and launched in less than 8 week¡¦s time. Among bids from many international and local IVR solutions, KanHan¡¦s awarding winning HanPhone IVR system is chosen for the pilot project covering the Hong Kong Island clinics.


¡§HanPhone excels in its ability to convert text on webpage into speech. Using the HTML format and without advance recording of the content, HanPhone allows easy design of interactive voice portal or voice telephone system that meet users specific needs in the shortest possible time frame. Apart from supporting general features of interactive phone systems available in the market, HanPhone also supports XML format encoding, allowing format conversion on contents. Moreover, HanPhone¡¦s homegrown nature also warrants investment to be most cost-effective.¡¨ Lawrence Mo, CEO of KanHan Technologies Limited comments at the winning.