KanHan Upgrades Chinese Version of JAWS Screen Reader on International White Cane Day

(October 15, 2005 - Hong Kong) ¢w KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Company Limited ("the Company") and Freedom Scientific are jointly releasing the latest Chinese version of JAWS screen reader 6.2 (CJAWS) to assist the Hong Kong vision impaired keeping pace of technology advancement. The latest release reflects the Company's commitment in continuing the development and enhancement of providing the long term solution to the plaque problem for the vision impaired in using computers, giving them real benefits at work, in study and growth and helping them to integrate in the community. October 15 is the International White Cane Day to celebrate the integration of the blind into society by providing them with a means of moving about more freely without endangering others, and at the same time attracting the attention of passers-by ready to offer assistance. KanHan is very pleased to announce the enhanced version of Chinese JAWS to coincide with the celebration as to many vision impaired, a screen reader is as important as a white cane to help them navigate in the information age.

Since the release a year ago version 4.56 has been widely adopted by the vision impaired community as well as various HKSAR Government departments in Hong Kong. The latest version incorporates many new features not limiting to its compatibility to latest Microsoft Windows software. Some of the new key features include:


Two JAWS Languages
User can switch between Chinese and English "JAWS Language" to hear JAWS messages in original English or localized Chinese.


Three Bundled Synthesizers
The latest English, Cantonese and Putonghua synthesizers are bundled with CJAWS. User can switch between synthesizers to hear Chinese in Cantonese or Putonghua.


Automatic Switching between Native Synthesizers
CJAWS automatically switches between native synthesizers for English and Chinese words when reading bilingual text.


Chinese Phonetic Spell
The phonetic spell feature works for over 3800 Chinese characters. When activated, unambiguous short phases are read for each character to help identify phonetically identical characters.


Support of Simplified Chinese
Utilizing KanHan's award-winning Chinese translation engine, Simplified Chinese text displayed in Unicode applications, such as Microsoft Office and Internet explorer will be read by the synthesizer and shown on the Braille display as if it is Traditional Chinese.


Cantonese Braille and Grade 2 Braille
User can switch between Cantonese Braille + Computer Braille and Cantonese Braille + Grade 2 Braille.


Announcement of newly selected input method
When switching to a new Chinese input method, CJAWS will announce its name.
For further details about Chinese JAWS, please visit http://www.kanhan.com/jaws/