Hong Kong Finance Industry Invest For China Market

(Hong Kong, April 13, 2006) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced its HanWEB Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translation Technology continues its dominant position supplying Hong Kong enterprises the most cost-effective solution in providing a simplified Chinese interface to their websites. The latest HanWEB clients count many key players from the local finance industry extending their financial services to the simplified Chinese reading clients from across the border through the Internet. The more prominent ones include Bank of East Asia, Tai Fool Securities and the security regulator, Securities Future Commission, joining the rank of existing HanWEB users such as HSBC, HangSeng Bank, KGI Securities and Hong Kong Exchange. The phenomenon growth of nouveau riche in China continues to spur the Hong Kong financial product and service providers' investment in infrastructure in attracting China business. Providing marketing materials and customer service information in simplified Chinese is now becoming essential and a trend through websites. With over five year of solid track record behind HanWEB, KanHan has the most relevant experiences in guiding the Hong Kong finance industry dressing up for their China customers.

In addition to Chinese language interface technology, KanHan is bringing China's predominant enterprise search engine technology to Hong Kong such that HanWEB users will have one of the best Chinese search engines available for their customers in quickly locating the information written in two Chinese as well as in English from their websites. Another flagship product of KanHan, HanPhone Interactive Voice Response platform further expands the HanWEB enabled websites into a telephone enquiry system. Customers will be able to find the time-critical information via telephones and HanPhone will deliver the information to them in spoken Putonghua, Cantonese and English in real time using the latest state-of-art text-to-speech technology. KanHan is proud to be the only technology service company in Hong Kong able to provide a one-stop-shop for the finance industry to equip better their websites and telephone systems in serving customers in their preferred written and spoken Chinese and English.

HanWEB is approaching its sixth anniversary since its major first sale to Trade Development Council's trade portal in Year 2000 with version 2.0 of the software. In keeping pace with the rapid progress of web based technologies, there have been numerous improvements and enhancements made in the past years. The latest ones will be wrapped into a major release 4.0 in May with many new features making HanWEB an even more secured and high-performance translation server platform suitable for large scale e-banking and e-finance applications.