HanPhone Garners Major government and commercial IVR Projects

(July28, 2006 - Hong Kong and China) ¢w KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Company Limited ("the Company") was awarded to supply three major Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems supporting a total of more than 400 telephone ports. Since the official launch of HanPhone in 2004, the total number of ports installed by HanPhone will exceed 700 toward end of 2006 making KanHan a key IVR system supplier in Hong Kong.

The successful pilot launch of the outpatient appointment booking system for Hong Kong Island in 2005 has prompted the Hospital Authority's decision to extend the booking system to cover the Kowloon clinics. The Kowloon extension will add a further 300 ports to the 100 ports HanPhone system that has been serving the pilot system since November 2005. Upon completion, the 400 ports system will become one of the largest IVR systems in Hong Kong.

The Housing Authority has been planning to introduce residents of public housing estates an IVR system to enquire on rental payment related information since early 2006. HanPhone will deploy voice recognition technology to enable residents in identifying themselves just speaking to the system in order to access to their payment records.

A major utility company has awarded KanHan to supply a maintenance appointment booking IVR system with more than 100 ports. The contract requires HanPhone to be tightly integrated with its client database applications and to be programmed to fit-into its Microsoft development environment. The web-based nature of HanPhone succeeded in building the prototype in a short time to the users' utmost satisfaction.

In addition to the Hong Kong business, HanPhone has also made significant penetration to Mainland China. Guangzhou Metro Corporation has chosen HanPhone IVR system to enhance her telephone enquiry system. The new system will be deployed in August 2006 to provide timely train service information and announcements to the Guangzhou citizens.
"HanPhone excels in its ability to convert text on webpage into speech. Using the HTML format and without advance recording of the content, HanPhone allows easy design of interactive voice portal or voice telephone system that meet users specific needs in the shortest possible time frame. Apart from supporting general features of interactive phone systems available in the market, HanPhone also supports XML format encoding, allowing format conversion on contents. Moreover, HanPhone's homegrown nature also warrants investment to be most cost-effective." Lawrence Mo, CEO of KanHan Technologies Limited comments at the new contracts.