KanHan Facilitates Retailers' Promotions With E-Marketing Services

(August 1, 2006 - Hong Kong and China) ¢w KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Company Limited ("the Company") has recently attracted fashion retailers pe:tite, United Color of Benetton and a well-known Fast Food chain to take advantages of its cost-effective E-Marketing service platform.

Both pe:tite and United Color of Benetton deploy the short message channel in KanHan's popular efaxonline.com platform to send discount message in form of a SMS to their VIP members for Summer sales promotion. The e-promotion has been proven to be effective in triggering VIP members' shopping appetite. At HK$0.6 per SMS, the cost of SMS promotion is more economical than most other traditional advertising channels.

E-bidding for Canto-pop singers' memorabilia is employed by the well-known Fast Food chain recently to draw more crowds to its eatery outlets. KanHan's HanPhone powered IVR e-marketing platform comes to bridging the inconvenience by offering an interactive telephone system allowing the patrons to bid on the spot by just calling a telephone number. The project took two week preparation from concept to actual deployment of the IVR bidding system using KanHan's existing telephone infra-structure. The rental based IVR platform provides the well-known Fast Food chain the convenience and flexibility in planning and deploying marketing campaigns on an event driven basis without having to invest into telephone infra-structure and allows synchronization with web-based campaigns.