KanHan Furthers her Endeavour in Providing Hong Kong Schools a Putonghua Learning Platform

(Hong Kong, October 18, 2006) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("the Company"), has officially launched an elaborate Putonghua teaching and learning platform catering to the Secondary school education curriculum. The Teens Putonghua Platform (TEENS) is an extension to the Kids Putonghua Platform (KIDPTH) launched in December 2005 for Primary schools, providing teachers and students an online curriculum with all essential contents and learning tools..

Since its launch, the KIDPTH platform has successfully attracted over 10,000 students and teachers in adopting the platform as an integral part of their Putonghua education framework. The platform greatly off-loads teachers' burden in preparing teaching materials and making them available online. With a curriculum designed around Education and Manpower Bureau's (EMB) curriculum guide-lines, the TEENS platform carries on the KIDPTH tradition in providing Secondary school teachers a ready-to-use teaching platform for Putonghua while the students can immerse into the total learning experience with daily update contents, latest technology driven tool box in the guise of a virtual teacher, an intuitive interface and the abundant supply of complementary exercises all available online.

The TEENS platform caters to the diverse Putonghua learning needs for F.1 - F.7 students. Each form has its own specific learning materials in accordance to the goals set upon by the EMB curriculum guidelines. For higher forms, vocational based materials from 5 industries are available to expose the seniors to the job market requirements in Putonghua.

The launch of TEENS platform is another major milestone in KanHan's Putonghua Learning Platform roadmap. The combination of KIDPTH (www.kids.putonghuaonline.com), TEENS (teens.putonghuaonline.com) and the adult oriented e-Putonghua (www.putonghuaonline.com) is the most comprehensive online Putonghua learning platform available in the market serving the needs of avid Putonghua learners from six year old to those well into their sixties.