KanHan's Secondary School Putonghua Online Platform Gains Authoritative Endorsement

(Hong Kong, January 15, 2007) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("the Company") is honored with Ms. Tam Sing Chu's acceptance to become the Platform Development Consultant of the Company's secondary school Putonghua online platform ("the Teens Platform") starting January 15, 2007.

Ms Tam, a well-known Putonghua teaching expert, is presently an instructor of Language Centre, Hong Kong University of Science and Technologies (HKUST). Ms. Tam,has been engaged in drama performance, language research on radio broadcast and teacher training for a long period of time. She has published various thesis and reports related to Putonghua development. Back by years of experience in teaching Putonghua to both students and teachers of all ages, Ms. Tam will bring substantial enhancement to content authoring and training methodology to the Teens Platform and will ensure the best quality control in contents.


Since the official launch in September 2006, Teens Platform has already attracted many secondary school subscriptions and is now serving over ten thousand students with daily content update on Putonghua online learning materials. Two schools, Lai King Catholic Secondary School and Kiangsu-Cheking Colleage (Shatin) have agreed to participate in the pilot school scheme of which they will provide user experience and opinions in fine-tuning the Teens Platform for practical teaching and learning in school environment on a regular basis.

The company anticipates the vigorous promotion and acceptance of the Teens Platform can boost awareness of the importance of Putonghua learning and teaching in Hong Kong educational sector and establish an omnidirectional language learning environment, letting the secondary school students lay good foundation for the future to cope with the economic development in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.