International Financial Institute adopts HanPhone IVR Solutions

(Hong Kong, Feb 15, 2007) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("KanHan")'s HanPhone IVRS was chosen by KBC Financial Products (KBC), a leading specialist within the global marketplace for convertibles and equity derivatives to be the technology platform for a new warrant hotline system due to be launched in the later part of February 2007.

The new system will be powered by two industrial grade PC servers each equipped with a 4 channel telephony interface allowing a total of 8 simultaneous callers. A bridging database, of which all enquiries are directed to, is maintained by the IVR system hosting the latest warrant information fed by KBC's central database server whenever changes happen. Should an enquired warrant is missing in the database; the IVR system will activate an agent program prompting the traders in their PC screens to select one of many options in response to the callers. Callers can also select to leave a voice mail that will be forwarded to a trader's mail box. All enquired information such as commentaries and quotation are converted from text to voice using the embedded Cantonese text-to-speech technology in real-time for callers to listen over the phone.

The new warrant hotline system handles far more prospective customer enquiries than before. The anticipated growth in business brought in by the increased enquires makes the investment easily justifiable and saving is substantial comparing to hiring additional agents in handling same amount of enquiries. In addition, the new system allows traders accessing to the first-hand customer needs from call enquires such that new warrant products can be designed more responsively to market demand.

Technology wise, the open web-based HanPHONE IVR technology platform allows KBC IT team to maintain and expand the system using standard technologies by themselves, an ability not available from proprietary IVR systems. In this regard, it provides KBC investment protection with no worry on obsolesces in technology.

In short, the KBC system furthers the adoption of HanPhone IVR solution in the finance industry and demonstrates once again its cost-effectiveness of the home-grown, awarding winning technology in the implementation of dynamic customer oriented telephone applications in diverse business sectors.