Accounting Professionals Adopt KanHan e-Putonghua Learning Platform

(Hong Kong, May 30, 2007) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("KanHan") gains recognition by accounting professionals to it e-Putonghua Learning Platform. The specially developed on-line courseware through KanHan's popular site for accounting professionals was chosen by two multinational accounting firms - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Moores Rowland Mazars for internal staff training on Putonghua. The same course is also now available for HKSAR Government's civil servant self-learning network managed by Civil Service Bureau.

The robust growth of the China economy and its gradual integration into the international capital market, the demand for professional accounting services meeting international standards is increasing drastically in recent years. The China opportunities have been prompting the Hong Kong accounting firms to rapidly raising their staff's Putonghua proficiency. In 2006, Moores Rowland Mazars chose KanHan's all rounded Putonghua training service including classroom training, content customization, online training and examination to train up their staff in dealing with China customers. By using the e-Putonghua Online Learning Platform, learners can review course summary at home before attending classroom training and the online Putonghua tools which are much useful and user-friendly than traditional electronic dictionary are proven to be essential to daily work of communication in Putonghua and the simplified Chinese characters.

In May this year, the Big-Four accounting firm - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu chose the "Accounting Usage of Putonghua" course for their staffs for self-leaning The course progresses at an appropriate level of difficulty and allows human resources department to monitor the usage of staffs on the platform. In addition, contents are renewed every week during the 2 month Putonghua training period in an Internet environment.

Civil Service Bureau launched its first self-learning Putonghua online courseware - "Business Travel Usage in Putonghua" from KanHan in October 2006 and has later on added two more courses "Legal Usage of Putonghua" and "Accounting Usage of Putonghua". Contents in these courses were written and recorded by qualified Putonghua native speakers to the highest professional standard. Electronic certificate will be issued to users upon their successful completion of the course and attaining a certain level of competence through online tests.

Since 2003, e-Putonghua Online Learning Platform has been serving many large corporations and training institutes including universities by providing a no hassle, round-the-clock online self-learning environment with professional written contents and many useful functions in aiding users deal with Chinese language and Putonghua in their daily work. Moving forward, the e-Putonghua platform will continue to expand functionalities, provide more industry-specific courses and assist users in obtaining professional certification in Putonghua proficiency.