KanHan e-Putonghua Business in Education Sectors Reach A Major Milestone

KanHan e-Putonghua Business
(Hong Kong, July 27, 2007) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("KanHan") has garnered more than 100 primary and secondary school subscriptions since the primary school and secondary school versions launched in early 2005 and summer 2006 respectively. This translates to roughly a 10% of the total school population in the Hong Kong education segment. Adding that to a user base including 2 local well-known universities, a number of vocational schools and many major corporations, KanHan is gradually becoming the de facto market leader in Putonghua e-learning service to the Hong Kong market since its humble starts in mid 2003.

To commemorate the 4th anniversary and the breaking of the "100" mark of primary and secondary school users, KanHan published the following full page advertisement in the education section of The Singtao Daily on 27 July 2007 to further enforce the KanHan e-Putonghua message of preparing those age between 6 to 60 for the impending arrival of a new global economy with China market as a pivotal force. Only with a good Putonghua and Chinese communication skills that a Hong Kong person will be able to compete on a level field with not just their counter-parts in China but other eager China prospectors from around the globe.