KanHan Extends Its Efforts in E-Putonghua to Reading

(Hong Kong, September 3, 2007) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group, through its subsidiary, KanHan Technologies Limited ("the Company"), today officially launched an extension to its popular kids e-Putonghua platform catering for primary schools' needs for a daily online reading environment, namely "The Treasure of Reading". The reading extension aims to broaden students' general knowledge in all walks of life in an integrated Putonghua learning environent.
Modeled on the KIDS Putonghua Online Platform, "The Treasure of Reading" continues the design theme with attractive graphics and user-friendly interface most suitable for kids. All contents are accompanied by recording read-aloud by professional Putonghua trainers and carry Chinese PinYin marks. Students are able to advance or regress the recording while reading. Upon completion of reading, students are required to work on a comprehension exercise with results automatically marked and accessible by teachers online. Schools can select one of all participating schools, or individual school or individual based ranking mechanism to implement reward system for usage motivation purpose.
"The Treasure of Reading" is the stepping stone of KanHan in developing eLearning system for Chinese language and literature study. The KanHan online learning model will be gradually extended to other subjects so as to ease teachers' burden in courseware preparation while students can enjoy the convenience of learning through the web with teachers' active participation and guidance.