Yahoo! Hong Kong and Yahoo! Taiwan strengthen website features by adopting KanHan's unique language online tools

(Hong Kong, Dec 15, 2007) - KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced that the Group has entered cooperation agreement with Hong Kong's most popular search engine - Yahoo! Hong Kong and Yahoo! Taiwan to strengthen the portals' features by incorporating KanHan's innovative HanVOICE based speech technology to offer user online self-learning language tools within 2007.

The adoption in 2005 of HanVOICE in Yahoo! Hong Kong's Dictionary section has been proven a much popular function in providing real-time pronunciation of words in English and Putonghua. The latest cooperation further extends the dictionary usage of text-to-speech to self-learning environment. At Yahoo! Hong Kong, the new self-learning tools feature user-input "Text-to-Speech", "Text-to-Pinyin" and "Simplified Chinese Translation" while for Yahoo! Taiwan, "Chinese-English Text-to-Speech" will be the main feature. No special software is required for Hong Kong and Taiwan users to adopt this free service. The cooperation with Yahoo! Hong Kong and Yahoo! Taiwan further strengthens HanVOICE's leadership position in web-to-speech technology and promote the continued learning of Putonghua in Hong Kong.

The adoption also echoes HanVOICE's winning of 2004 Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology Award.

Online demonstration: