KanHan e-Putonghua: Cross the border to success

(Hong Kong, 31 January 2008) ¢w KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) today announced its subsidiary KanHan Technologies Company Limited will enter into Chinese Language e-learning arena for primary schools in echoing the Education Bureau's initiative in encouraging more schools to teach Chinese Language using Putonghua.

"The Treasure of Reading" program launched in 2007 is KanHan's first attempt into providing schools a daily reading platform in Chinese with an integrated assessment system. The earlier than expected success of the program has inspired KanHan into providing a comprehensive e-learning platform for Chinese Language orienting towards using Putonghua as the teaching language. The "KanHan Chinese Language Learning Portal" is developed to cater for schools' transitional and long term needs in teaching Chinese using Putonghua with periodically updated contents aimed in alleviating teachers' workload and aiding students in learning Chinese outside the text book scope.

The launching phase of the new KanHan Chinese Portal provides three learning channels all equipped with comprehension assessment and voice recording in Putonghua and Cantonese.

1. "The Treasure of Reading": A daily reading platform designed to improve students' skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. Contents are updated daily.

2. "Idiom Wonderland": Comic strips in modern day rendition are used to illustrate the meaning and usage of Chinese idioms. Idioms' origin with detail explanation and usage are also provided for in-depth understanding of the idioms.

3. "Tang Song Poetry": Learning the beauty and subtlety of the Chinese language through collection of popular poetries from Tang and Song dynasties targeting Primary 1 to 6 students. All poems come with recitations in Putonghua and Cantonese and completed with all necessary background information and explanation in arousing students' interest in learning Chinese through Poetry.

The KanHan Chinese Portal is built on KanHan's years of experience in developing e-learning systems particularly the Kids and Teens Putonghua e-learning platforms for primary and secondary schools. The portal epitomizes KanHan's long term commitment in investing for Hong Kong schools supplementing the inadequacies of the textbook teaching approach and preparing for the switch of teaching language into Putonghua in Chinese Language studies.

2008 bodes well for the KanHan Chinese Portal by winning the confidence of the Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau in extending "The Treasure of Reading" service to all primary and secondary schools in Macau starting from 15 January.

In addition, KanHan's e-Putonghua platform for young students to adult learners has been honored with a Certificate of Merit in Best Business (Product) Award in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007, the only learning product awarded in 2007.

2008 will be pivotal for KanHan e-Learning business since the launch in 2003. KanHan forecasts robust growth in the business particularly in the primary and secondary school market with gradual introduction of more e-learning channels tailored made for Hong Kong schools and students. KanHan endeavors to become the largest e-learning platforms provider to Hong Kong and Macau schools spearheaded by a team of experienced teachers with professional prepared contents delivered to students in the most advanced web-based technologies.