KanHan's Integrated eMarketing Promotion Service Explores New Applications

(Hong Kong and China, May 9, 2008) The HanPhone IVR technology developed by KanHan Technologies Company Limited (The Company) has further crossed the border from traditional telephone enquiry system to product promotion campaign. On May this year, two famous retail brands: EDOpack Potato Chips and Corona Extra Beer adopt HanPHONE IVR powered telephone lucky draw applications to conduct product promotion.

The HanPHONE e-Marketing Platform provides rental base service inclusive of dedicated telephone lines to allow customers dial-in for instant luck draw. With connection to product database, the IVR system is able to verify callers' input data as defined by the campaign rules and notify by voice prompt on error detection for entry retry. The system will announce result instantly once the correct product information is input and send notification email to the responsible person on the winning calls for dispatch of prizes. The lucky draw system is built on a XML environment with speedy development time to catch up with clients' promotion schedule. Without extra investment on hardware and telephone line installation, clients can have perfect call-flow to fulfill marketing purpose.

EDOpack Potato Chips and Corona Extra Beer choose human voice over automatic machine generated voice to interact with callers. Among the professional voice talents supplied by the Company for selection, the chosen voice recorded the campaign specific messages in the Company's studio. Clients have only to pay for the voice talent but not the recording facilities

Being the forefront IVR technology developer, KanHan's Integrated eMarketing Promotion Service provides campaign-base IVR system rental service. Marketers can enjoy speedy-and-sound product promotion media via the conveniently available and easy to use telephone communication channel from mobile and fixed line phones. From system design to data logging, the IVR rental system caters for marketers' needs for interactive promotion not using a computer.

HanPHONE sample

HanPHONE sample