HanWEB Publishing Server Boost Up to Version 4.0

(Hong Kong, 15 October 2008) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) announced today a major version upgrade to its awards winning HanWEB Publishing Server (HanWEB). The Version 4.0 of HanWEB will be available before end of 2008. Since HanWEB's launch in 2001, it has become the dominant leader in providing a real-time conversion technology for websites between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese contents. Majority of Hong Kong SAR Government departments and many large enterprises have chosen HanWEB to generate a Simplified Chinese interface for their websites.

HanWEB has been gradually enhanced to cater for the evolving web technologies in the past years. The Version 4.0 is a major upgrade from Version 3.2 with aim to be compatible with the latest Internet browsers such as FireFox and Safari and to provide the following function upgrades:

- Support more web programming languages including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, XML/RSS, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Page (ASP), PHP
- Incorporate W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) standard with no modification to HTML link information in resulting pages
- Enhanced SSL support
- Enhanced security protection to server and website
- New transaction log mechanism providing webmasters easy review on conversion status
- Enhanced vocabulary conversion technology and expanded vocabulary databases ensuring conversion results more aligned with Mainland China's customary usage of Chinese

As Hong Kong SAR Government aims to migrate all government websites to be Unicode based in compliance with ISO10646 international standard in 2009, KanHan is also rolling out the HanWEB 4.0 technology based "HanFJ Unicode Migration Service". The migration service assists government department to convert once or continuously all their Big-5 and Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) based Chinese contents into Unicode based Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

The HanWEB collection of technologies is the most trust-worthy one stop shop of Hong Kong enterprises' requirement in providing a Chinese interface for local and Mainland China audience at only a fraction of cost of using the traditional way of maintaining two Chinese content databases.

Download HanWEB 4.0 Function List