KanHan Annual eNewsletter (2008 Winter Version)

(Hong Kong, 31 January 2009)2008 has been a fruitful year to KanHan Technologies Limited. With mature development of various systems and services, KanHan has extended the customer base into many application areas.. Let's review the major achievement s of KanHan in the period of 2008.

HanWEB logoHanWeb
Since HanWEB's launch in 2001, it has become the dominant leader in providing a real-time conversion technology for websites between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese contents. Majority of Hong Kong SAR Government departments and many large enterprises have chosen HanWEB to generate a Simplified Chinese interface for their websites.

HanWEB has been gradually enhanced to cater for the evolving web technologies in the past years. The Version 4.0 is a major upgrade from Version 3.2 with aim to be compatible with the latest Internet browsers such as FireFox and Safari and to provide the following function upgrades:
- Support more web programming languages including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, XML/RSS, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Page (ASP), PHP
- Incorporate W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) standard with no modification to HTML link information in resulting pages
- Enhanced SSL support
- Enhanced security protection to server and website
- New transaction log mechanism providing webmasters easy review on conversion status
- Enhanced vocabulary conversion technology and expanded vocabulary databases ensuring conversion results more aligned with Mainland China's customary usage of Chinese

HanPHONE logo
HanPHONE made great stride in 2008 including winning further accolade and big name customers.

HKICT Awards 2007
The HanPHONE IVR powered Tele-Digital Library system of the Hong Kong Society for the Blind won in Jan 2008 for Gold Award in both Best Digital Inclusion and Best Public Services Application categories of the 2007 Hong Kong ICT Awards.

Big name customers adopting HanPHONE IVR including:

- HKSAR Government Transport Department
- Goldman Sachs
- Pamela Yonde Nethersole Hospital
- The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The HanPhone IVR technology developed by KanHan Technologies Company Limited (The Company) has further crossed the border from traditional telephone enquiry system to product promotion campaign. In May 2008, two famous retail brands: EDOpack Potato Chips and Corona Extra Beer opted HanPHONE IVR powered telephone lucky draw applications to conduct product promotion.

HanPHONE sample

The HanPHONE e-Marketing Platform provides rental base service inclusive of dedicated telephone lines to allow customers dial-in for instant luck draw. With connection to product database, the IVR system is able to verify callers' input data as defined by the campaign rules and notify by voice prompt on error detection for entry retry. The system will announce result instantly once the correct product information is input and send notification email to the responsible person on the winning calls for dispatch of prizes. The lucky draw system is built on a XML environment with speedy development time to catch up with clients' promotion schedule. Without extra investment on hardware and telephone line installation, clients can have perfect call-flow to fulfill marketing purpose.

HanVOICE logo
With HanVOICE gradually addressing the needs for the blinds, visually impaired and elderly to listen from the web, web development and application become more favorable to disable people. The web-to-speech on internet technology provides a convenient channel for visually impaired people and elderly.

In January, 2008, Hong Kong Post adopted HanVOICE in launching Hong Kong's first voice enabled government website http://www.hongkongpost.com/. The enhanced website provides the visually impaired and elderly citizens of Hong Kong a voice browsing interface using only the numeric and arrow keys. By following the voice instructions and push the right key, a user will hear from the website in Cantonese, Putonghua and English at his/her choice. All voices are synthesized from the website's Chinese and English text in real-time using innovative text-to-speech technology.

HanVOICE sample

In addition to the success in Hong Kong, HanVOICE also is also gaining great momentum in Mainland China. ChengDu City Government boasted China's first HanVOICE powered speech enabled government website following the foot step of China Disabled Person's Federation (CDPF) in November 2008. The speech section automatically translates live Chinese text into Putonghua speech using human sounding text-to-speech technologyUsers can navigate the voice website requiring of no special software The new voice-based web section of the ChengDu City Government aims to build a digital inclusive society especially for the visually impaired, elderly and cognitive dysfunctional persons.

HanVOICE is a locally developed technology partially funded by Government's SERAP funding scheme and has won various awards for its innovation in bridging the digital divide. The best known ones were the China nomination to compete in United Nation's World Summit Award in 2005 and the Asia Pacific APICTA award in 2004.

Looking forward, 2009 will see more government departments in Mainland China intend to make voice enabling technology a nation-wide web access policy. Users can now "hear" from the web content without information boundaries using a standard web browser or via telephone.

Putonghua service
In 2006 and 2007, KanHan has launched KIDS and TEENS Putonghua Online Learning platform to provide devoted teaching platform to equip and assist Hong Kong primary and secondary school sector to achieve the eventual goal - teaching Chinese in Putonghua. In year of 2008, KanHan has entered into Chinese Language e-learning arena for schools in echoing the Education Bureau's initiative in encouraging more schools to teach Chinese Language using Putonghua.

2008 boded well for the KanHan Chinese Portal by winning the confidence of the Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau in extending "The Treasure of Reading" service to all primary and secondary schools in Macau starting from January to June.

In addition, KanHan's e-Putonghua platform for young students to adult learners has been honored with a Certificate of Merit in Best Business (Product) Award in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007, the only learning product awarded in 2007.

In commercial sector, the adult Putonghua Online Learning platform - ePTH won a 2 year contract in hosting Putonghua eLearning platform for all staffs in Hospital Authority. With customized content to cater for daily operation's needs, the branded ePTH platform realizes the concept, "Leisure in Learning" to train up Hospital Authority staffs' knowledge in using Putonghua

KanHan forecasts robust growth in the business particularly in the primary and secondary school market with gradual introduction of more e-learning channels tailored made for Hong Kong schools and students. KanHan endeavors to become the largest e-learning platforms provider to Hong Kong and Macau schools spearheaded by a team of experienced teachers with professional prepared contents delivered to students in the most advanced web-based technologies.

To cope with rapid changes in Microsoft Windows system, the Chinese JAWS localization files V8.0 Release 2 (Hong Kong) was launched in October 2008.Users can download the updated patch at: http://www.kanhan.com/jaws/resource.html

In the most recent release, KanHan brings the latest JAWS 8.0 to the Chinese community which incorporates many new features not limited to its compatibility with the latest Microsoft VISTA Windows software.