More Corporations apply KanHan's ePutonghua Online Platform For Staff Learning

(Hong Kong, March 15 2009) Since the handover of Hong Kong to Mainland China, Putonghua has become an essential business language to Hong Kong companies in most industries. From a research finding conducted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 85% interviewed employers thought employees' listening and speaking ability on Putonghua need further improvement, especially those in the front line. An increasing number of corporations have joined ranks with others applying the most cost-effective Putonghua eLearning Platform specially developed for Hong Kong's Cantonese speaking workforce by KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan).for staff training.
The eLearning Platform provides customized teaching contents recited by professional Putonghua teachers for specific industry needs and multifunctional learning tools. KanHan's ePutonghua Online Platform has been providing employee training service to many large corporations since its launch in 2004. The following corporations have recently chosen to incorporate the Platform for staff training:

" Cyber Learning Centre Plus from Civil Service Bureau
" Staff Learning Platform at Vocational Training Council
" Putonghua Learning Platform at Tung Wah Group
" Hospital Authority's Learning Management System

In line with the global trend of self-paced learning, KanHan ePutonghua Online Platform integrates knowledge and technologies on web-based environment to provide the only all-rounded Putonghua learning system specially built for Hong Kong corporations..

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