A New Era in Online Educational Service

(Hong Kong, 15 May 2009) KanHan (KanHan) Technologies Limited announces a new subsidiary KanHan Educational Services Limited (KH Education) is established aiming to cater life-long learning needs to education sector, individuals and corporations. KH Education will initially provide e-learning services in the area of integrated Chinese and Putonghua learning customized for Hong Kong's unique language environment to both the education and commercial sectors.

The root of KH Education goes back as early as 2003 when e-Putonghua Online Platform (ePTH), the pioneered self-paced e-learning service for corporate staff training was launched. Since then, many large Hong Kong corporate employers have chosen ePTH for their staff training in Putonghua for its easy to follow curriculum, advanced tools and cost-effectiveness. Those using ePTH include Vocational Training Council, Civil Service Bureau of HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Electric and HSBC.

With increasing popularity of online courseware in Hong Kong education sector, KIDPTH and TEENS Putonghua Online Platform, the first e-learning curriculum of Putonghua designated for primary and secondary schools have been proactively launched from 2005 onwards to cope with nowadays academic needs. Catering the study progress of students, the entire course is further categorized from Primary One to Secondary Six. The comprehensive learning for Chinese language orienting towards using Putonghua as the teaching medium, as proposed by the Education Bureau, instigates the release of the KanHan Chinese Language Learning Portal in 2008, comprising of liberal studies, poems and specific skills upon reading. The provision of Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) practices brushes up students' Chinese language on the aspect of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Eyeing on the market potential, KH Education takes hold of this opportunity to make further investment upon education research to enhance services coverage.

KH Education also carries the social objective in helping children in China access to basic education, hoping by bringing the plight of those in needs to the awareness of Hong Kong students will serve both educational and fund-raising purposes. KH Education is joining hands with Chi Heng Foundation (CHF) to raise funds by means of a series of functions and activities in the coming year. CHF, founded in 1998 is a Hong Kong based registered charity whose main purpose is to help children affected by their AIDS infected parents in some of the poorest rural areas in China because of the scandalous blood selling practice. "Chi Heng" implies "wisdom in action" with the beliefs of using knowledge to assist those who are in dire need of help. CHF moves from village to village throughout Central China offering help to all children affected by AIDS, thereby ensuring that no child is excluded and each child's needs are fully addressed.

The establishment of KH Education endeavors to enlighten and revolutionizes student learning through a comprehensive online platform which keeps a tight pace with the latest learning methodologies and technologies as prescribed by experts, specialists and officials in the education segment of the society such that students can succeed not only academically but also in broadening their knowledge in all walks of life.