A new look of Internet Yellow Page adopting HanVOICE

(Hong Kong, 15 June 2009) ¢w Integrated with advanced search engine and new interface, the local developed search engine, also known as "The Hong Kong Message Gateway" - Internet Yellow Page (http://www.yp.com.hk) (hereafter called "the Client"), has launched KanHan's HanVOICE equipped online dictionary on 8 June 2009. The newly launched e-dictionary allows users to listen to pronunciation of each word and sample sentences in Putonghua, Cantonese and English speech generated by HanVOICE real-time text-to-speech technology. With both server and software provided by KanHan on rental basis, no additional investment on the setup is needed by the Client.

HanVOICE snapshot
This is the second major Hong Kong portal applying HanVOICE on language learning since Yahoo Hong Kong adopted HanVOICE for its popular dictionary and Smart Pen applications.

HanVOICE enables websites to offer web-to-speech function such that users are able to listen to Internet information through standard PC browser, mobile devices and telephones.
HanVOICE snapshot