Chinese JAWS 13.0 released with support to Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

(Hong Kong, 30 June 2013)

KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) announces the Chinese version of JAWS screen reader (CJAWS) 13.0 has been released. CJAWS 13.0 is a localized screen reading software jointly designed by KanHan and Freedom Scientific, providing feature-rich programs to support the visually impaired with entrance to the current PC environment.

CJAWS 13.0 provides a new advanced feature - Convenient OCR (Optical Character Recognition). In previous versions of CJAWS and other screen readers, some text is unable to be read as it is part of an image. Information includes: PDF files, the setup screen of an application, or the selections menu for a DVD movie. In CJAWS 13.0, users can read those images that contain textual information, by pressing newly added layer keystrokes to activate the OCR function.

Another enhancement is the Quick Setting function, which is a replacement for the former Adjust JAWS Options dialog box (known as “Insert V”), and being designed to ease the change of application-specific settings as well as individual document settings. Now in CJAWS 13.0, the options are all arranged in a tree view, users can move to an option, change it, and also know the duration of the changes by pressing the applications key when hovered over an option.

The CJAWS 13.0 includes the following features:

  • Added the new Table Layer Keystrokes: eliminating the need to have to hold down so many keys at once to perform a table navigation command
  • Improved access to “on top windows”: Users can obtain a list of running applications by pressing “Insert” and “F10”. The list will indicate the location of the “on top windows” for users choose to close. These windows are often found with Firewall or Antivirus programs and are intended to interrupt users with information they must act on before continuing in operations.
  • Added Results Viewer window: Allows flexibility to select, copy, and paste any searched items or text. Selection is now an option for both keyboard and mouse, including on-screen highlighting. Output can be formatted from a wide range of fonts, colors and sizes, or inserted into tables thru various applications.
  • Full JAWS Cursor support is available in Internet Explorer 9 and Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Resolved issues of using CJAWS in certain applications, such as Microsoft Office, Apple iTunes and Google Chrome.

CJAWS 13.0 supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Operation Systems (OS) including: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, extending the durability of software among various operating systems.

Since the first launch of CJAWS in 2004, CJAWS has been widely adopted by many non-profit making associations in Hong Kong, government departments / bureaus, schools, and commercial organizations that employ visually impaired. Compared with other free-of-charge screen readers, CJAWS provides comprehensive functions and options that help visually impaired to adopt information technology more easily, for betterment of life and work. To know more about the up-to-date features and usage of CJAWS 13.0, please contact KanHan's customer hotline at (852) 2851 3020 or visit CJAWS's official website at: for details.