Mobile Application built to facilitate Drainage Services Department’s Management Information System

(Hong Kong, 31 Aug 2013)

Since the establishment in 1989, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) has made significant progress at both the drainage and sewerage improvement.  Along with the increasing amount of drainage improvement and maintenance work, an advanced communication bridge is essential to improve the real time connectivity between DSD management information system and their staffs.

Recently, KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) has successfully deployed three iPhone applications for DSD, allow users from different divisions to upload or download real-time data from the Drainage Maintenance Management Information System (DRAMIS) launched since 2010.  Nowadays, the department receives around 2,500 incident reports from public per month. Direct Labour Force (DLF) in DSD is responsible for dealing first aid measure to complaints. DSD is also employing professional staff, site staff and Term Contractor in handling maintenance and flooding reports. 

The new mobile applications make record transition and communication more efficient and further enhance the integrity, accuracy and instantaneity of maintenance information.

All three mobile applications provide user-friendly interface, clearly display information and features connected to DRAMIS, including:

Complaint Management (CMM)

  • This App is used by DLF staff to  display action record of the complaint cases, with information like complaint ID, description, previous action(s) and follow up action(s)
  • Allow staffs to upload records of the action(s) taken and relevant photo(s) of each complaint

Works Order Management (WMM)

  • This App is used by Professional staff and Site staff to add, update and delete information on site activities, e.g. lighting, labour and plant status.
  • Site staff can upload records of Work Order with photos to DRAMIS.   

Rainstorms and Incident Management (RIM)

  • This App facilitates the Term Contractor(s) in uploading instantaneous information such as flooding incidents resulting from rainstorms, which includes the inspection date and time, flooding situation and action records.
  • Allows sketches on pipe map or photos to indicate the current situation (e.g. flooding extent) and to be uploaded to DRAMIS.


Coordinated with the GPS location function of mobile phone, staffs can access drainage information, complaint and work orders, preferably based on geographic locations.

KanHan always concerns the security for mobile application; the Apps can only be installed onto selected iPhone. Moreover, the Apps will automatically erase local data when the mobile is reported lost.

Since 2010, KanHan’s one-stop App development service (iOS/Andriod) has catered for projects among various government departments, schools and companies in taking advantages of the convenience of using mobile channel for enhanced communication