HanPHONE IVR Hosting Service Strengthens Customer Service in Logistics Company

(Hong Kong, 30 September 2013)

Driven by rapidly changing market, logistic service is not only about transportation and warehousing. To make good use of technology for providing prompt and accurate logistic information to customer has become the main subject of the industry. A real-time communication platform and mobile friendly solution can help a logistic company to build up a fast, efficient service image.

Tinson Logistics Limited with an international customer profile has recently launched an interactive voice response system to strengthen and expand its customer service.   The new service is developed and deployed using KanHan’s HanPHONE IVR hosting service with integration to the company’s customer database. Without special computer and telephone systems installed onsite, customer can dial to an automated voice response system hosted in KanHan’s data center to enquire shipment status, place order or arrange pick-up agent.  By using this hosting service, the company can provide 7 x 24 services in response to customer and systematically deliver all arrangement orders to internal staff. The new service will no doubt raise customer satisfaction and greatly expand the capacity of the customer service agents in handling service calls. In addition to local branches, Tinson Logistics has more than 100 agents around the world. HanPHONE IVR can help the company to meet the growing demand of international trade and worldwide communication.

The new automated customer service hotline features query on:

• Special Offer

• Delivery Fee

• Shipment Status

• Service station business hours and address


• Order placement and delivery

• Agent collection arrangement


Figure 1. Services include call flow design and setup


KanHan’s IVR development service includes human voice prompts recorded by professional voice talents in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. It also provides an IVR management system that synchronizes with existing database, allowing non-technical staff to configure or update hotline voice messages, call flow and access to a variety of call records and reports through a user-friendly web interface. The HanPHONE IVR hosting service now provides 16 dedicated telephone lines to Tinson and additional lines can be added in short notice to accommodate peak seasons.

Figure 2. HanPHONE IVR management system, which allows various configurations, voice updates, and browse all kinds of call records and reports.


Since 2000, the HanPHONE Interactive Voice Response (HanPHONE IVR) system has been serving many government departments and business enterprises by providing a powerful web based telephony system for diverse enquiry applications.  The Call Center extension to HanPHONE family of products and services has been launched in 2009 in further increasing customer service productivity in a most cost-effective fashion to our clients.