KanHan provides one-stop website and mobile app solution for municipal solid waste charging campaign

(Hong Kong, 31 December 2013)

The Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) was established by the Chief Executive as one of the initiatives to promote sustainability in Hong Kong. Recently, SDC has launched a public engagement process titles “Waste Reduction by Waste Charging. How to Implement?”. The process aims to encourage stakeholders and the public to participate in the development of feasible mechanisms to implement municipal solid waste (MSW) charging, with a view to reducing community waste and promoting the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

With extensive government web project experience, KanHan was selected by SDC to create an interactive website and mobile application for the public engagement process, using information technology to disseminate news about the engagement process and collect public opinions. 


Website Development

The modern looking website succinctly presents the campaign and social issues involved in the process to the audience (http://www.susdev.org.hk). It provides news, events calendar, videos/audio clips, knowledge portal and games to educate public about the waste reduction. Moreover, the website provides discussion forum and online collection form to encourage public to voice out their opinions. The website professionally developed to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 catering for the needs of persons with disabilities accessing the web.

website layout

Mini Games

KanHan is experienced in designing a wide variety of learning games. To educate the audience about waste reduction and recycling knowledge in an entertainment way, the website provides mini games about garbage separation. For example, one game requires player to drag as much waste appeared on the scene to the correct recycling bins within the time allowed. Token can be earned for each of the correct separation of the waste. This corresponds to the campaign message “reduce waste and save money” and encourages people to practice in their daily life. 

game layout

Mobile Application

Other than website, a mobile application has been developed for general public to submit their opinions expediently via mobile phones.

Download Link:

iTunes (iOS) : https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/apple-store/id731379477

Google Play (Android) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=susdev.mswc&hl=zh-hk

mobile app layout 1mobile app layout 2mobile app layout 3

Social Media Management

Social media such as Facebook has become an integral part of daily communication. These platforms can be used for rapid distribution of information, and provide a two-way communication with the target audience. In response to the increasing use of social media, KanHan professionals can build and manage social media platforms for the client with regular report.

facebook layout

Banner Design and Promotion

Traditionally, website owners have to devise ways in promoting their new websites. The process is usually tedious. SDC has wisely chosen KanHan’s one-stop service to not only design the website, but also plan for the promotion including banner design for easy hosting in media channels. In addition, KanHan also provides her own school e-learning channel that currently covers more than 100 schools hosting the banners. 

plaform webbanner sample 1

The campiagn logo designed by KanHan has been used in the television advertisement.

Video / Audio clips of the advertisement: http://www.susdev.org.hk/english/video.php

tv-ad screen cap


KanHan’s one-stop website and mobile application development service has been catering for projects among various government departments, schools and companies.  The service provides, in addition to the website specific functions, a web accessibility solution and a framework for adoption of multiple communication tools and social media channels for promotional and opinion collection purposes.