KanHan Designs Mobile Application For Environmental Protection Department To Promote Waste Reduction

(Hong Kong, 28 Feburary 2014)

In order to intensively promote waste reduction and recycling in Hong Kong, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has invited KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) whom with years of experience in mobile application development to design a mobile application “Waste Less”. Its primary objective is to allow users to easily locate recyclable collection points at public places all over Hong Kong. Through “Waste Less”, EPD will also provide the latest news and useful knowledge about waste reduction and recycling. “Waste Less” is embedded with interactive features that enable users to share with friends the experience of using the application and practicing waste reduction and recycling.

Main Interface

The user-friendly and succinct interface is designed by KanHan which applies the concept of a steering wheel control. By moving your fingers around, users can easily switch to different pages depending on their needs.
mobile app main interface Mobile app control

Key Functions


The accurate location information was result of the strenuous efforts spent in organizing the photo-taking and information gathering exercise. Going to more than 3000 locations in Hong Kong (including Frontier Closed Area such as Sha Tau Kok, Sai Kung and  Yuen Long as well as remote country parks) and taking more than 4000 pictures of the recyclable collection points, KanHan succeeded in helping EPD to validate the collection points managed by different government departments so as to facilitate the accurate search function providing  users with a photo, address, recyclable items and opening hour information. With the advantage of Google Map, KanHan specially integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) to allow users to find out the most suitable recyclable collection point nearby as well as showing them the best path, distance and duration. 
mobile app search functionmobile app search function

“My Recycling Diary”

To make recycling interesting, “My Recycling Diary” enables users to keep a record of their recycling progress. KanHan utilized the sharing function so that users are able to share their recycling diary with friends via social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.
mobile app my recycling diary


EPD understands that waste reduction cannot be done overnight. It must start working from the basic. Therefore, “Waste Less” provides users an array of green knowledge with KanHan providing the backend system ensuring a timely update of information.
mobile app knowledge


Broadcasting up-to-date news about waste management, reduction and recycling in Hong Kong, users who are keen on waste reduction can access to related news whenever they want to.
mobile app news function


A series of interesting and entertaining games will be designed by KanHan to provide users with a whole new experience on waste reduction and recycling.
mobile game game function

Synchronization across Multi-Platforms

In order to support the majority of smartphone users using “Waste Less”, KanHan developed the mobile application on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile concurrently and KanHan ensures the synchronization between them which brings the best experience to users.

Download Link:

ITunes (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waste-less/id826382645?mt=8

Google Play (Android):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.com.codecrafters.wsb

Windows Mobile:Coming soon.

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