Apps to Support Kids with Dyslexia

Apps to Support Kids with Dyslexia

With limited access to the latest technologies, learning Chinese characters could be a tough task for kids with dyslexia. Teachers can only rely on prior experience to help them using traditional approach.  Costly treatment is a barrier to parents as well.  Learning disability from dyslexia causes kids hard to learn to read and understand written language.

In Hong Kong, there are about 25,000 kids having dyslexia. Aiming to develop game based therapeutic tool to help them, Hong Kong Youth Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA) has invited KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) to produce a game “HOPE中文拆字遊戲”which is the first mobile application running on Android and iOS devices to tackle dyslexia. Walking through the classic fairy tales such as “Three Little Pig”and “The Emperor's New Clothes”, kids can learn from games strengthening their proficiency and interest of learning Chinese.

There are 5 stories in the mentioned application, including “Three Little Pigs”, “Ugly Duckling”, “The Emperor's New Clothes”, “The Happy Prince and Other Tales” and “Robinson Crusoe”. Each story has 4 stages with voice-over for listening. When learners activate each game, the mission is to match accurately the corresponding strokes of the Chinese characters in order to move to next level.  KanHan is the main developer for the design, development of the mobile application and the production of voice-over in the project.




Upon completion of each story, learners can use the camera in their mobile devices to activate the 3D graphic of the mission cards downloadable from HKYWCA. Using Augmented Reality (AR), the 3D graphic and Chinese characters will be illustrated in learners’ mobile devices to arouse their interests in learning Chinese. Learners can even create e-cards with default template for sharing their accomplishments with friends via different social media platforms.



This is the first AR adoption in mobile application development by KanHan. The use of the state-of-art technology will be further explored and applied in various applications across different industries.

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