A Major Exemplary KanHan WCMS Project

(Hong Kong, 31st July 2014)

A Major Exemplary KanHan WCMS Project

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Well-known for KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) is the experience of system development and information technology related projects. Invited by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and Environment Bureau (ENB), KanHan is responsible for developing a web content management system (WCMS) and delivering Web Accessibility Services.

Developing a WCMS for new EPD&ENB’s websites and content migration

A WCMS is basically an essence for every website and a ubiquitous system used by the HKSAR government departments to date. Developing a WCMS is surely KanHan’s expertise but the real challenge was coordination and project management. In terms of coordination, our team had to communicate with more than 100 divisions of EPD to ensure all the parties would be able to reach a consensus. A meeting with  more than 100 representatives was held every two weeks to report the progress. With extensive experience and ability, our team had made an exceptional performance beyond expectation and with satisfaction.

Detail Project management plays a crucial role in this project as our system development team was only given a very limited time to migrate the existing data to the newly-built system. Normally, it could take more than a year to finish such a strenuous and time-consuming content migration task especially when WCAG rectification is required for over 50,000 pages. However, with excellent team spirit, outstanding project management and customized migration tools, our team ended up taking less than 3 months  which is way shorter than the requested time to complete this task.

Following the global trend of adopting open source technology in developed countries for its sustainability and cost-effectiveness, EPD and ENB decided to take a big leap to adopt this approach in order to optimize the resource allocation focused on business analysis and customization to fit for the unique need of the department.

Modern vs. WCAG design

Striking a balance between a contemporary and a WCAG friendly design is yet another challenge in this project. The primary purpose of this project is to revamp its website and supposedly bring a more refined look & feel for the website. However, the conflicts between modernity and practicability are inevitable and hardly for both to exist in terms of web design. Therefore, the first thing our team members had to accomplish was to educate the clients about WCAG which is a guideline strictly implemented by the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) Government and ask the clients to relinquish the idea of a modern web design. After that, our team member could start working on the fonts, colors and contrast which comply with WCAG.

WCAG Conformance

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) conformance is considered to be the second most significant task of the project. To meet the guidelines, our team has to undergo thorough and succinct consideration on the fonts, color, contrast and many other elements using scanning tool, visual review and fail case testing. KanHan also provides detailed analysis report containing evaluation on compliant criteria, summary and recommended actions. Integrating WCAG with WCMS, customized content editing tools and WCAG validation module are provided ensuring full conformance.

Additionally, KanHan is required to rectify 1,800 Portable Document Format (PDF) with over 18,000 pages. Applying the professional software, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, to perform PDF Categorization, Tagging PDF Documents, a full conformance under WCAG formed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been successfully achieved.

Air Quality Health Index

Air Quality Health Index

The “Air Quality Health Index” is developed to embed this service onto several websites to benefit the public. In terms of development, KanHan designed the Air Quality Health Index displaying on the website and ensured that the data are synchronized with the stations and deliver accurately and timely to the public.

Multi-languages website

EPD and ENB’s website is capable of providing multi-languages including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English to different users. Users can easily choose an appropriate language from the landing page. The provision of Simplified Chinese had to credit much to HanWEB which is a remarkable and popular solution of KanHan.

Mobile / Accessible Version

Smartphone and tablets take up the majority of internet surfing devices to date. It is more usual to see people holding mobile devices than using desktop computers. Therefore, KanHan has obtained EPD’s request to design a mobile / accessible version for the website to allow mobile devices’ users to fetch the information like desktop users.

WCMS Training for users

Upon the completion of the project, KanHan has conducted a series of Web content management system (WCMS) training sessions specifically for EPD and ENB’s users. We have assigned our project manager and system developers to demonstrate a live demo and explain every detail of the system. We also created a multiple of demo accounts for the users to have a first-hand experience of the WCMS to allow them to follow our instructions concurrently to amplify their familiarity with the new WCMS. A Q&A session has also been reserved for users to raise questions about the WCMS. A handful of opinions have been collected during the Q&A sessions which help improve our level of development.

WCMS Training


KanHan’s one-stop website and mobile application development service has been catering for projects among various government departments, schools and companies.  The service provides, in addition to the website specific functions, a web accessibility solution and a framework for adoption of multiple communication tools and social media channels for promotional and opinion collection purposes.