"Affordable Art Basel" Exhibition

"Affordable Art Basel" Exhibition is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Urban Laboratory and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


The event was held in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre L0 galleries exhibiting 27 artists’ masterpieces. From 31 July 2015 to 9 August 2015, around 1000 audiences attended this exhibition. 


The concept of Art Basel is based on a sell to buy basis. Artists used Affordable Art Basel to change the relationship and communications between artists and participants. It also reflected the significance of the community of the art fairs to promote the art to trading activities.



KanHan Technologies Limited (Kan Han) is honored to sponsor HanPHONE to one of the artist – Chow Yik. She graduated from Aalto University to accomplish a master of visual arts and culture. The idea of "Whale Kingdom e 24 hours citizenship application hotline" is inspired by the United States Green Card Lottery. Although the participants may not have a real foreign nationality, e.g. resident of USA; she realizes the feeling and difficulties in Hong Kong nowadays. She wishes her artwork could bring hopes to the participants, which is responded to one of the participants Mr. Leung (梁子軒) who desired to have another citizenship. The exhibit has no copy of Whale Kingdom National Passports, the Constitution and the national emblem and other documents. The application should only be performed via an interactive telephone recording system (IVRS); visitors can participate by using the main device to apply for the Whale Kingdom Citizen. 



KanHan has supported the cultural and artistic activities and sponsored the telephone recording system (IVRS) for the artist. We also lent the device - HanPHONE for the application of the Whale Kingdom citizenship. Applying for national whale kingdom will be carried out on the telephone device and need to answer several simple questions, such as how much are you willing to pay for taxes in return for high unemployment or retirement benefits. The system will record all the information and recordings. The application results will be sent by the SMS system .


Any follow up after applying of the Whale Kingdom? Chow Yik will take her next move based on the participant's message to hold another exhibition. If you missed the exhibition or not in Hong Kong, you still have a chance to apply for the citizenship of Whale Kingdom. From now on til August 15, just dial +852 39527777, you can apply to become citizens of the Kingdom of the whale! 




How to play Affordable Art Basel


Step One: Urban Laboratory sent forty Art Basel tickets to interested participants.


Step Two: When participants visit to Art Basel exhibition, try to ask the price of the art exhibit you want, and fill in and return "Desire Slip" to the Urban Laboratory.


Step Three: Urban Laboratory dispatched the “Desires Slip" to participating artists, so that artist will create an art exhibit for the participants' desire.


Step Four: Urban Laboratory plans a show all the artworks with "Desire Slip" in November exhibition. After the exhibition they will return the slip to the participants.