KanHan designed mobile application "Tree and Landscape Map" for the Development Bureau

KanHan designed mobile application "Tree and Landscape Map" for the Development Bureau, Helping the General Public to Search for Landscapes

(30th June, 2015 Hong Kong) The Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section of the Development Bureau has invited KanHan Technologies Limited to design a new version of its mobile application "Tree and Landscape Map". With enhanced content and search functions, it enables users to locate special green and landscape features more easily for better tour planning. Users can use search tools such as "Districts", "Facilities", "Water Features", "Lawn", "Old and Valuable Trees" and "Seasonal Features/Thematic Plantings" to search their favorite parks and green sightseeing spots. The application will recommend a walking or driving route with information on distance and travelling time after the user has selected an attraction to visit. Users can also store information on their visits in the application and receive the latest news on greening.

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