KanHan Showcase of Exemplary Government Mobile Apps

(Hong Kong, 31st July 2014)

Creating a mobile application to reciprocate to the fast-paced digital era is almost what every corporation, government department and even small-medium enterprise has been striving to accomplish. The ultimate goal of such ubiquitous move is to either boost up their marketing competitiveness on the immense digital platforms or provide an alternative channel to deliver information more easily and effectively than a website does. The global trend which people are moving from personal computers to their mobile devices is an undeniable fact which will result in a sea of mobile applications coming up in the following years. Mobile applications, unarguably, will be developed more demandingly and extensively.

However, developing a mobile application is more than just uploading it to Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and wait for an official approval. In fact, it involves a team’s cooperation, enormous efforts, practical experience and more importantly the communication with clients. The development is started with collecting a client’s requirements before our team jump into the process of design and programming. The requirements, thereafter, will be discussed, studied and assessed rigorously by a team of professionals including designers, programmers and project managers. Once the client has approved the project details, the production can be started. Our project team will ensure to meet the proposed schedule and the quality of the mobile application. With years of experience working with the government departments, KanHan Technologies Limited (“KanHan”) is eminently familiar with the government’s practice and their channel of communication which makes the development much more efficient.

Over the years, KanHan has been entrusted for developing mobile applications for the HKSAR government departments. As stated, the HKSAR government departments are also moving towards to the digital platforms to allow the general public to access useful information more conveniently. As a result, several departments have already developed a list of mobile applications to facilitate the public (http://www.gov.hk/en/about/govdirectory/mobileapps.htm#appGovHKApps) and some heavily promoted and popular ones were developed by KanHan. Nowadays, it is not hard to see that someone has installed one of these mobile applications on their mobile devices. KanHan is looking forward to introducing more fresh ideas such as location based Augmented Reality technology making government apps more engaging and interesting to users.

The following mobile applications are developed by KanHan for the HKSAR government departments:

Environmental Protection Department

Waste Less

iPhone/iPad Version: http://goo.gl/PEYJ70

Android Version: http://goo.gl/qg9FbS

Windows Phone Version: http://goo.gl/VfKgNQ

Waste Less is a mobile application designed to provide the latest news and useful knowledge about waste reduction and recycling. It is featured with a extremely fun in-app game and the mapping and gps function can be enabled to display the nearest recyclable collection point with arrows showing you the path to the destination. Apart from iPhone and Android version, a Windows Phone version is also developed to cater for the diversity of mobile devices.

Mobile app control   Mobile app search function

Labour Department

Youth Employment Start

iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/3vLTC1

Android Version: http://goo.gl/B5Z5I5

Youth Employment Start is an information-based mobile application with a clean and neat design in addition to a great navigation. Helping the young job seekers, it is a mobile application which provides practical information about the latest employment support such as workshops and seminars.

Y.E.S. mobile app 2    Y.E.S. mobile app 6




Work Safety Alert

iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/zGjHKf

Android Version: http://goo.gl/PWefRE


Work Safety Alert is to alert employers/contractors and employees about the occurrences of serious or fatal work injuries and the need to take relevant measures to prevent recurrence.

Work Safety Alert 1    Work Safety Alert 2


Interactive Employment Service

iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/znCg9U

Android Version: http://goo.gl/N0TP1a



Interactive Employment Service 1    Interactive Employment Service 2

Interactive Employment Service (“iES”) mobile application is developed to provide the latest and free job-related information to job seekers. Job seekers can use this application to search suitable vacancies instantly from huge job vacancy database of the Labour Department.

Social Welfare Department

Senior Citizen Card Scheme


iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/Ufd6aG

Android Version: http://goo.gl/mgfwLL

Senior Citizen Card Scheme is to facilitate both the elders and their family members to search and select the concessions and services under the “Senior Citizen Card Scheme” of Social Welfare Department. Besides, text to speech function is available through computer voice.

Senior Citizen Card Schemev 1    Senior Citizen Card Scheme 2

Development Bureau


Tree & Landscape Map

iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/XXBjAH

Android Version: http://goo.gl/g3ToCq


Tree & Landscape Map aims to highlight the greening and landscape assets in different parts of Hong Kong, so as to promote the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of open spaces and trees by the general public.

Tree & Landscape Map 1    Tree & Landscape Map 2

Enterprise Mobile Applications:

Drainage Services Department (DSD)


KanHan has developed three iPhone applications for DSD, which allow users from different divisions to upload or download real-time data from the Drainage Maintenance Management Information System (DRAMIS) launched since 2010.

1. Complaint Management (CMM)
This mobile application is used by DLF staff to display action record of the complaint cases, with information like complaint ID, description, and previous action(s) and follow up action(s). It allows staff to upload records of the action(s) taken and relevant photo(s) of each complaint.

2. Works Order Management (WMM)
This mobile application is used by professional staff and site staff to add, update and delete information on site activities, e.g. lighting, labour and plant status. Site staff can upload records of Work Order with photos to DRAMIS.

3. Rainstorms and Incident Management (RIM)
This mobile application facilitates the Term Contractor(s) in uploading instantaneous information such as flooding incidents resulting from rainstorms, which includes the inspection date and time, flooding situation and action records. It also allows sketches on pipe map or photos to indicate the current situation (e.g. flooding extent) and to be uploaded to DRAMIS.

Drainage Services Department 1    Drainage Services Department 2

Municipal Solid Waste

MSW Charging - View Collection
MSW Charging - View Collection

iPhone: http://goo.gl/u0Tb22

Android Version: http://goo.gl/XH2PEQ

This is a mobile application developed to encourage stakeholders and the public to participate in the development of feasible mechanisms to implement municipal solid waste (MSW) charging, with a view to reducing community waste and promoting the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

MSW Charging - View Collection 1    MSW Charging - View Collection 2

Construction Industry Council

Construction JobsNet



iPhone Version: http://goo.gl/0Hk7AR

Android Version: http://goo.gl/G1i3Vw

Construction JobsNet is a mobile application which does not just get the industry news updated, it also provides instant search to job seekers for suitable vacancies from the database of Construction JobsNet.

Construction JobsNet 1    Construction JobsNet 2