Announcing Third-Party IVR Maintenance and Replacement Program

(Hong Kong, 30 Aug 2011) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) is introducing to Hong Kong SAR Government departments third-party Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system maintenance and upgrade program.
Majority of government departments are providing service hotlines for citizen enquires. Some are fronted with IVR technologies for efficient call distribution and information delivery. These existing IVR systems are mostly proprietary based acquired some years ago. The aging IVR systems are expensive to maintain due to arcane technologies and some have been even abandoned by the original local or oversea system developers.
KanHan has since 2003 been supplying self-developed, award-winning HanPHONE IVR systems to many government departments replacing their proprietary based IVR systems with one that is built on open and web based technologies. There are over thousand HanPHONE powered IVR lines now serving Hong Kong citizens.
Backed by years of research and development experience in computer to telephony technologies, KanHan is launching a maintenance and replacement program for third-party IVR systems specially catered for government departments. The program offers system maintenance, call-flow amendments, and voice related services with the optional HanPHONE upgrade package covering brands like Voice Master, Intervoice/IQ TALK, Proactive IVRS, Syniverse and others.
The most recent case is Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department's July decision in choosing the program replacing their existing IVR system supplier's maintenance service at a reduced cost and enhanced service level. The program also offers the Department an ease of mind for future system migration to modern day technologies.
Partial Customer List of HanPHONE IVR System

Central & Regional Libraries - Main enquiry hotline :3150 1234

Leisure & Cultural Services Department - Main enquiry hotline line :2603 4567

Regional Public Libraries hotline

Hospital Authority - Outpatient Booking System:2776 0238

City Hall Library hotline

Housing Authority - Rent Enquiry System for public housing estates:2712 0660

Tin Shui Wai Library hotline

Hong Kong Post - Leave Balance Enquiry

Tung Chung Library hotline

Pamela Yonde Nethersole Hospital - Outpatient Booking System

Labor Department - Employee Compensation Hotline : 2115 8019

Census & Statistics Department - Quarterly Survey of Employment and Vacancies :2234 3800

Transport Department

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance - Main enquiry hotline :2732 2904

Narcotics Division, Security Bureau:186 186

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department

Social Welfare Department - Main service hotline :2343 2255

Land Registry Customer Service Hotline:3105 0000

Registration and Electoral Office

EDB S6 Vacancy Enquiry Hotline