Chinese JAWS 10.0 Launched with Support to Windows 7

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2009) KanHan (KanHan) Technologies Limited announces the Chinese version of JAWS screen reader (CJAWS) 10.0 has been launched in early September 2009. KanHan and Freedom Scientific are jointly releasing the latest Chinese version of JAWS screen reader since the last version 8.0 on 2007 to support the latest PC environment helping the Hong Kong vision impaired keep pace of technology advancement.

KanHan brings the new version of CJAWS 10.0 with the latest voice engine - REAL SPEAK SOLO DIRECT by abandoning SAPI5 interface, the standard voice engine to provide users with more choices of voice engine. In addition, the 2004 version of Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set is added for Braille display, which assists users in word processing and browsing internet with extended character set support

CJAWS 10.0 is applicable to support both 32 bit and 64 bit Operation System (OS), including: Microsoft Window XP and Window Vista and even the latest launch Window 7 which, extends the durability of software across various OS.

The upgraded CJAWS 10.0 features include

- Enhancement in Chinese browsing (including Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) and accuracy of Chinese pronunciations.
- Support standard IME input methods
- Support audio player - iTunes 8.0 or above
- Support Internet Explorer 7 or above and various web browsers ( e.g. Mozilla Firefox)
- Applicable to operate in popular instant messaging tools: MSN/Window Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc
- Build in Auto Forms Mode function for easy data input at internet
- Support ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) for users to read and manage viewing latest news at different websites
- Add in many Hot Keys to simplify operation

Since the first launch of CJAWS in 2004, CJAWS has been widely adopted by many Hong Kong non-profit making associations government departments, schools and commercial organizations employing visual impaired.. Through the launch of CJAWS 10.0, KanHan is to keep pace with the latest PC and web technologies assisting visual impaired people to apply IT technologies for betterment of life and work.. To know more about the up-to-date features of CJAWS 10.0, please contact KanHan's customer hotline at (852) 2851 3020 or visit CJAWS's official website at: