A Case Study of the Integration of HanPhone IVR and Electronic Health Record System from the Hospital Authority

(Hong Kong, 30th September 2014)

Background                    hospital_authority                                 ehealth

Decades ago, if the Hospital Authority (HA) wanted to find a patient’s health record, it might take a lengthy time to do that and possibly affect the result and efficiency of the diagnosis due to the inaccuracy of the record. Sharing of health records was hardly achievable at that time. The consequence could be severe as it might lead to serious medical mistakes. Thereby, the HA is going to implement an electronic health record sharing system named “Electronic Health Record” (eHR) by late 2014 to facilitate the existing Clinical Management System (CMS) in order to mainly achieve a higher efficiency and quality assured care delivery. More importantly, it enables sharing of health records between multiple parties to maintain comprehensive online health record.

While the HA is serving as the technical agency for developing the eHR Core Sharing Infrastructure, The Food and Health Bureau has set up a dedicated eHR Office to oversee the development of the eHR Sharing System.

At the first stage, the eHR system aims to establish a connection with all public and private hospitals as well as the private doctors, clinics and even other health service professionals in Hong Kong to share the health records. The HA will also make an attempt to strengthen and stabilize the system to protect data privacy and system security at this point.


Albeit the eHR system is primarily accessed by the related parties online, it is important that the HA wants to retain a more traditional yet useful way, a telephone system, to allow stakeholders to access the voluminous health record database. However, the HA lacks the expertise to establish a versatile Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) enabling the digitized records be presented in a voice accessible format


In this case, KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) has proposed HanPhone, a   market leading telephony product of KanHan, to build the IVR system with real-time access to the eHR system.. Regardless of being inexperience on setting up a considerably sizable telephone system by the HA, HanPhone IVR can still be installed and normally functioned under the professional instruction and assistance from KanHan.

The eHR IVR system consists of two production servers and one more for User Acceptance Test. Each of them is connected with 100 telephone lines to handle the huge amount of daily usage. In addition to the system setup. KanHan is also providing trainings  to the HA staff on how to effectively establish their call flows for the eHR system and get the most out of HanPhone IVR for timely and accurate delivery of patient information to the telephone users..  .

HanPhone IVR is an award winning, innovative web-based voice application platform for the design and creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Its unique web-based development environment makes creation and maintenance of IVR system as easy as developing a website and allows telephone users accessing real-time information from the web. Furthermore, the web-based management interface allows users to control the IVR system easily anywhere from an Internet connected PC. And best of all, common webpage editing tools can be used to edit the procedure and content of the IVR system so as to fit the organization's specific purposes.


The adoption of HanPhone IVR for the eHR system will soon be used extensively in Hong Kong by the HA and the stakeholders. It helps provide an alternative for the eHR system to share health records and ensure a stable and versatile IVR system. HanPhone IVR saves the manpower and time on constructing an IVR system for the HA, makes it truly beneficial to the patients, clinicians and society.